Monday, 1 July 2013


Happy Monday! (What do you mean no such thing?) Hehe, anyway I'm so excited to share this post with you guys ! 
Today I have four polishes from the Butter London Autumn/Winter 2013 Collection to show you guys. The collection consists of some lovely bright colours which probably would have been better suited for a summer collection but they're still pretty and hey, nothing stops me from wearing bright colours in the winter  ! 
Looking at the summer collection though it feels like they made a bit of a mix up and this should have been the summer collection and the summer collection for the fall but either way they're both still lovely collections and maybe Butter London are trying to break away from the stereotypical collections we normally see in the fall and if so I applaud them !

Ok so to see a review on each polish and more swatches just click on the read more button !

Butter London Cake Hole
A super bright, bordering on the neon, hot pink. Cake hole isn't a new colour, it's been around a while but fits perfectly into the collection. This is 2 coats (could maybe use a third if you do thinner coats) and it dries to a semi matte finish, which is quite common for neons, the formula was perfect and it dried quickly.  All the pictures in this post are with one coat of topcoat.

Butter London Silly Billy
, a juicy gorgeous orange, which totally makes me think of oranges. This is 3 coats below, this was a bit sheerer but 3 coats is enough. The formula was good again, I did find it did leave a few bald spots which I had to go over but other than that I didn't have any problems. This isn't as bright or as neon as Cakehole but it's still bright! I tend to not like orange with my skin tone so this wasn't really for me but I'm sure orange lovers will love this!

Butter London - Pimms
A lovely sunshine yellow, this also required three coats is it left a few bald spots but other than that the formula was perfect. I'm not a huge fan of this on my skin tone but I think wearing it again may help, I need to compare it to my beloved Essie Shorty Pants yet but I think this might be a bit darker and yellower. Let me know if you want to see that !

Butter London Wellies
Aah, my favourite ! This is a gorgeous lime green which isn't too bright or dark, it's like OPI Who The Shrek Are You but just a bit lighter. It does lean slightly yellow which makes it a unique addition to my stash. 
For this I used three coats and the formula was similar to Silly Billy and Pimms. 

Ok, so that's all I have to show you today, these are available on the Butter London website for £13/$15. 
I like the whole collection and whilst I may not wear Silly Billy again on it's own I know I'll definitely be using it for nail art. My favourite is Wellies, it's just beautiful, everything about it! 
What do you think of the collection? Are these to your taste and what do you think about bright colours for an Autumn/Winter collection? 

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  1. wow great to see such vibrant colors for fall!

  2. Wow!!! these nail colors are all so pretty. Among these nail colors, I super like the yellow and green one. They look so classy and girly to me.

  3. Gorgeous colors indeed - I agree, they would have been better as a summer coll. - but in the fall it's nice with wow-colors too, to make it less dark :)

  4. These nail colors are all sooooooooo pretty!

  5. These nail colors are all sooooooooo pretty!

  6. Great colors!! Love them all!!

  7. Thankyou for all your lovely comments guys : )


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