Sunday, 27 March 2011

orly spring 2011 and barry m white crackle

hi everyone 
so yesterday i had this on 

sorry for the rubbish pictures and very poorly painted nails lol 
its just a plain black nail varnish (cant remember which one lol) with the white barry m crackle over the top 
if im honest  i dont really like it maybe i dont like it on me 
anyway this only lasted a few hours 

anyway this is my current mani and i realllyy like it 

this is orly pure porcelain from the spring 2011 precious collection and i layered it with a silver glitter, i would have liked it with less glitter particles on the nail but never mind 
this is 2 coats and application is good too, the 1st coat though looked horrible with bald patches and oh yuk but the 2nd coat completely transformed it and gave full coverage and wasn't streaky or anything 

 i was going to put the pink shatter over the top but i decided to do it on a false nail just in case i didn't like and would have to do my mani all over again lol, here it is what do you think?

i got 2 orly nail polishes from this new collection, this one and royal velvet which is a purple with a blue tint will post a picture of this too soon.
i actually liked the whole of the collection and would have got them all but the others were sold out 
 they're very summery and we've had some lovely weather recently and its really got me in the mood for my summer nail polishes, but the sun was playing hide and seek today 

sorry for the long post 


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Tuesday, 22 March 2011

barry m new instant nail effects review

hiii everyone, 
my barry m's have arrived im soo excited to try them out
so here they are 
( i already had a manicure on today so i didnt want to try them on my nails so ive done them on these falsies, but once i get fed up of this present manicure i'll do swatches on my nails for you and im sorry the pictures are soo naff)
 barry m instant nail effects 'pink fizz'

these are the pink crackle ones
1) the nails were actually white themselves so i didnt paint them white just added a top coat to them before adding the crackle - i read somewhere that the crackle works better over shiny nail polish instead of matte nail polish 
2) pink crackle over mint green 
3) pink crackle over color club worth the risque - a subtle holo
4) pink crackle over black 
i now theres loads of other combinations that would look lovely too so if you have any suggestions leave a comment 

 barry m instant nail effects 'blue print'

this is the blue crackle

1) blue shatter over color club worth the risque - a subtle holo
2) blue crackle over black 
3) again over the white nail with the glossy top coat

  barry m instant nail effects 'white frost'

1) white crackle over china glaze shocking pink neon, a lot brighter in real life than in the picture and prob my favourite combination
2) white crackle over red 
3) over mint green 
4) over black -
5) don''t ask what happened here, it was zoya renee underneath but then i painted color club revvvolution over the top and it was full covered so you couldn't see the pink underneath but once i applied the crackle you can see what happened 

 and this is silver glitter over white with the pink barry  m nail effects, this looks a lot better in the sunshine 

whilst i was waiting for these i thought i wouldn't be a big fan of the pink or blue and i didn't think they would crack as well as the black, i saw that some of the china glaze crackle didn't crack very well especially the purple but no these are well worth the money 

so my overall verdict : i am in love with these 

they crack just as well as the black the colours are lovely too and they are soo cheap too, what is there not to love ? 

see you next time 

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Thursday, 17 March 2011


aarrrghh, (why do most of my posts start like this lol)
hello girlies i have some very exciting news
after the huge success of barry m's black nail effects polish they have designed and launched 3 new colours of nail effects

Barry M Instant Nail Effects Pink Fizz
pink fizz

Barry M Instant Nail Effects Blue Print
blue print
Barry M Instant Nail Effects White Frost
and finally white frost

how exciting and cool do these look ?
they are available online now and are priced at an affordable £3.99, so you can get them all

cant wait to get some more pics of these and do some reviews !!!!!!
so which one will you get ?

until next time
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Friday, 11 March 2011

soo excited models own crackle : )

 heelllooo everyone 
i come today with some very exciting newss 
models own have paired up with wah nails and are launching 9 new crackle nail polishes in an  amazing variety of vivid colours !!!! 

aren't the colours gorgeous ?

i know opi are also launching a white crackle and i think a silver crackle with their new and upcoming pirates of the Caribbean collection, so i don't think i'll get the white or silver or black 
but ... the blue is gorgeous and the purple one too

ill try to get some more info and will keep you posted 

they will be £6 each and will be launched in April 
what do you think?

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Wednesday, 2 March 2011

barry m mint green & roses

heyy sorry for the late post
waahaay i got rid of the border : )

anyway this is the mani ive been sporting for the past few days
its barry m mint green i think its 2 coats

           and on the thumb i thought it might be cute if i did a little rose, im not too happy with this rose but it was late at night so ...
what do you think? 
u like ?

i was actually pleased with the result, all my friends at college were impressed by it lol, they aren't nail fanatics like me lol 
please leave a comment, let me know what you think 
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