Sunday, 29 June 2014


Hey guys, I have a really quick post for you today. A few months ago I felt like I was missing something so I went and purchased 90% of the Barry M Gelly collection. You'll be seeing these a lot now in the next couple of posts. 
One of the first designs I did was a gradient using Key Lime and Guava. How gorgeous are these 2 colours together? 
I decided to add one coat of Essence Effects in 101 Dalmations* over the top. 

Yes, I love it, these 2 colours work amazing together and the Gellys are perfect for gradients, the colours blend together flawlessly. 

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Saturday, 28 June 2014


Happy Weekend guys, what are your plans for this weekend?
So recently Maybelline have been releasing awesome collections like the ones I've swatched here and here and when I saw the Acid Wash collection I was ready to get them all but then when I saw them in the store they just didn't grab me! So I only picked up the Top Splatter. 
This same polish is from the Polished Jewels Collection in the US and is called Precious Pearl. Also I do believe this may be a dupe for the newly released Storm by Picture Polish. 

Click Read More to read my review and see all the swatches and macros :)

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Wednesday, 25 June 2014


Happy middle of week people :) I finished work early today so I thought I'd quickly squeeze this post in for you guys. I recently got sent some Orly nail polishes to review and 2 of the shades I received were from the Summer 2014 collection. I'd been eyeing up this collection for a while and these 2 shades are just gorgeous! 
So today I'm going to be showing you Ablaze* and Hot Tropics*. 
Click read more to see more pictures and my thoughts. 

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Sunday, 22 June 2014


Hey everyone, how are you all? I hope you've had a good weekend :) So today I went to the Essence Bloggers Event and it was awesome! I came away with loads of new goodies and lots of exciting nail products to share with you soon :) 
So today's nails I used Barry M Gelly in Rose Hip for a base, I had to use 2 thick coats.  I didn't instantly love it but the colour grew on me and I ended up wearing it for longer than I had meant to! I decided to add a little bit of nail art and painted on daisies as half moons and I love them, how cute are they?

As a bonus, here's a plain swatch of Rose Hip

Ok, I am very tired so I'm heading off to bed and I'll see you in my next post. Have a good week guys :)

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Saturday, 21 June 2014


Hey guys, how's your weekend going? I'm tired! I started a second job this week and so I haven't had a lot of free time. I also have some uni work to do and that takes up the rest of my time! Tomorrow though I am going to the Essence Blogger Event which I'm really excited for, and it'll be nice to have a break! 
Ok so today I have the final Sephora Formula X polish I got, this is Lightning. It's another gorgeous one and just screams St Patrick's day! I used 1 thin and 1 thick coat for these nails. 

Ok, I don't know when I'll get a chance to post but bear with me I have lots of exciting manis to share with you!

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Tuesday, 17 June 2014


Hey peeps, how are you all? Today I have another gorgeous Sephora Superwatts polish to show you! 
This was initially the one I had my eye one and then I discovered the whole range. This is 2 coats I think (my memory is so bad!) Anyway to this polish I decided to add a cute gold shell which I got from She Sells Seashells and it was just the cherry on the top. I think I wore this for 4 days which is a record for me, seriously I only wear a polish for a maximum of 2 and a half days, if I wear it for longer I feel guilty and have to wear one of my untrieds, polish addict problems? right?! 

So beautiful right? 

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Sunday, 15 June 2014


Happy Sunday, well it'll be Monday soon but better late than never!
On my parents latest visit to Europe I asked them to pick up some of the gorgeous Superwatts polishes from Sephora and I was so excited to get them! I'll be showing you the 3 I got over the next couple of days. 
Today I have Voltage which looks red in the bottle but it is quite sheer so looks more pink on the nail. I had to use 3 coats but it looks so pretty! 
The brush on these polishes though is quite thin and you need to make sure you load your brush with enough polish otherwise you'll be there forever!

Super pretty !

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Saturday, 14 June 2014


Hey guys, a really quick post from me today before I head off to bed. I can't remember if I saw this design on instagram and where, when my brain is working I will check! 
Ok so I love yellow for summer and Essie Shorty Pants is my favourite yellow ever! I started off with 3 coats and used OPI Alpine Snow and a dotting tool to make the flowers, then I added a gold circle glequin in the centre of each flower. Unfortunately when the white flowers dried they ended up looking yellow :( 

Ok, so that's it for now, I shall see you tomorrow hopefully :)

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Wednesday, 11 June 2014


Hey guys, today I have another gorgeous ultra chrome from ILNP to share with you. 
This is Sirene, a very unique and gorgeous multichrome, 
In the first two pictures I've applied one coat over black and yes my nails are longer. I wore this about a week ago with a black base and retook some more pictures because when I wore it alone with 3 coats (a while ago) the camera didn't pick up how intense the shift was. 

Ok, the rest of the pictures are 3 coats of Sirene on it's own, except the pinky which only has 2 coats.

Such a gorgeous multichrome and no dupes come to mind either which makes me love it even more. It is quite sheer so I do recommend using a black nail polish for undies.

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