Saturday, 26 May 2012


Well we've had some gorgeous weather in the UK this week and so I grabbed the opportunity to try out my new bottle of ds original which I got from the lovely Alanna ! 
So I don't really have much to say other than it's gorgeous and you need it ! So I'll leave you with a tonne of pictures now : ) enjoy !
(please excuse the tip wear!)

Do you have this?

Another thing this is probably going to be my last post now for a while now because I have me exams coming up and tbh I don't have enough time to get these posts done, but I promise I'll have loads of lovely exciting stuff to show you on my return, so take care 'till then and wish me luck ; D 

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Monday, 21 May 2012


Well that's a mouthful ! lol, so a couple of days ago I got my prize from Rochelle, which were Icing magnetic polishes, but she also offered to get me some other polishes from her side of the pond, and I am too weak to refuse ! Loll  ! One of those polishes was revlon whimsical, and it was just tooo gorgeous not to try out immediately, and since I'm not over the gradient trend I decided to try and pair the two things together, so here you are ....

3 coats of barry m blue moon and models own baby blues and barry m turqouise used for sponging at tips and 1 coats of whimsical ... 
( I did 2 coats on my accent which was an accident because it hid most of the gradient underneath !)

The gradient is subtle but definitely there, it looks better irl. it's so annoying when the amazingness doesn't get picked up in the camera ! 

So there's loads of pictures there, you can probably tell I looooovvvveeee this loll, do you ?

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Wednesday, 16 May 2012


Yep, it's my birthday today, and to be honest I'm feeling my age ! (I'm 19 now, but still it's old for me !)
Anyway's I'm not really doing anything for my birthday, they're not really a big thing for me anymore because for the past 5 years I've always had an exam either on my birthday or like a day after ! So, there wasn't time to celebrate ! loll
Anyways a very quick post to show you my nails, I've been loving the recent new accent nails and wore them a lot a couple of weeks ago and decided to feature it again for my birthday ; )
I used wet and wild  diamond in the rough and then for the pointy and middle finger I did 2 coats of essencegot a secret and 1 coat of milani gems because you can't have birthday nails without lippmann happy birthday (or it's many dupes ; ))

I also remembered I have a pairs of earring that match ditr! 

Anways I'll talk to you all soon : )

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Saturday, 12 May 2012


Oh em geeee, I am officially hooked on gradients, It's all I want to do on my nails, anyway I did one yesterday and I absolutely love this one !

I got some Julieg polishes the other day in the mail, which I was sooooo excited about because I love Julie and loved her polishes too, and seeing as it was Friday I wanted to wear fashion friday but decided to do a gradient  with girls night out ( which is the most amazing vibrant gorgeous blue everrr) and fashion friday
This time I used a kitchen sponge again, for my last gradient (which I have yet to post) I used a makeup sponge but it just absorbed tooo much polish and I wasn't happy with the result, so I went back to this sponge and I loved the final result

Now you'll have to trust me when I say this mani looked awesome irl, It was a pain in the behind to photograph because the camera wouldn't pick up the awesomeness of the blue and then decided to make the purple blue too ! Aargh, anywho I managed to get a few pics !

Sorry for the funny coloured skin ! and the bubbles I used the colour club topcoat and I don't know what it did but it made all these bubble/bump things ! 

Do you like it?

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Wednesday, 9 May 2012


Soooo, you probably know gradient fever has hit the polish world and I'm loving it, I loved gradients before  but with glitters and flakies and shimmers etc. I used to have really harsh lines before and my blending was pretty crap tbh 
Anyways after seeing Sammy's tutorial here which had the most amazing results I decided to try it for myself, for this mani I used a kitchen sponge, and Barry m Pale Pink and Pink Flamingo and voila here is what I ended up with, I must say I'm rather proud of these : )

I took way too may pictures of this so be warned ! 

Please excuse the cuticles ! 

Funny how every single time I pick up a sponge a tonne of rubbish just appears from nowhere and wedges itself in between my layers of topcoat ! >: / 

Then I added a coat of this no name color club from the set I got last week, It's from the glitter vixen collection, 

The mysterious color club can anyone help me name it? please?

Well I am loving gradient right now, I'm wearing another right now but am just going to change it to another, if you have any colour suggestions leave them in the comments : )

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