Wednesday, 30 November 2011


I'm sooo sorry i went missing, i had all the pictures ready on the camera just needed to upload them and edit them and what happens my laptop charger breaks and my laptop is like 4 yrs old so the battery doesn't last for longer than 15 mins (if that!) so my laptop is out of action and i borrowed my brothers lil netbook which doesn't let me edit the pictures so i was stuck : ( but i ordered another one off of ebay and it came today finally !! 

Anyway on to the swatches : ) 
ooh. but i just wanted to say i love this polish, i haven't worn a proper purple/ lilac polish in like forever but when i saw this i just had to try this and i fell in love, application was beautiful, colour is gorgeous and the holo is super pretty, scattered and not in your face and i love it soo much : ) *LOTS OF PICS COMING UP !*

sorry for the awkward hand pose here ! 

no topcoat on any of these and look how glossy it is ! 

*sigh* isn't this beautiful ? 

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Saturday, 26 November 2011


eh oh ladies, are you all ok, I'm so sorry that i've disappeared ladies, i've been feeling really stressed and tired this week, well it started last sunday, i drunk 4 cups of coffee by midnight and couldn't sleep till 3, then the next morning i woke up at 7.30 i was ok in the morning and then the caffeine started to wear off and i was soo tired i honestly struggled to keep my eyes awake, but then i got home had more coffee and the whole thing repeated itself again and again and again, so i've been feeling a big urghhh but i got something in the post this morning that turned my whole week around : ) 

I contacted Nina from Women's Temptations (who has the most beautiful nails !) asking if she'd swap for some golden rose flakies, but they weren't available, so anyway this turned into a haul with lots of holos ! and a couple of flakies 

i haven't got the bottles nearby right now so i'll have to edit in the names later, but i think you can see 5 gorgeous catherine arley holo's ! inglot flakies 203 + 204 ! and GOSH HOLOGRAPHIC aaarrggh !! can you believe i finally got my hands on this, and this was the last bottle in Bulgaria, : ) !!! there's no sun right now so i didn't put on the Gosh straight away, i'm waiting for the sun to show to swatch it (yep, could be next yr now loll) 

THANKYOUU SOOO MUCH NINA, i love every single one of these and you really have spoilt me here loll : ) 

i have one of these polishes on my nails now and will show you a swatch either later tonight or tomorrow now : ) 

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Sunday, 20 November 2011


the best polish i own from the omg collection, i lovee this, application was good ! dry time was insanely fast and the holo is unbelievably strong, the wear is good as well (better than any of the other holo's) 

again, i've inserted a jump because there's a tonne of pictures : ) enjoy ; )
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Saturday, 19 November 2011


The sun was on my side today and decided to show today, so i was able to get you some swatches : )
I'm not saying much, i'll let the pictures do all the talking  *very, very, very pic heavy* sooo i've inserted a break thingy, so click on it to see a tonne more pictures !!

First up, OMG 

click to see a tonne more pictures 
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Friday, 18 November 2011


this is just a really quick post, i've come home for lunch and have just opened arguably the best nail mail ever !
ok do you want to guess what i've just got in this ...clue 3 polishes !

.... give up? 

no, your eyes do not deceive you, this is a full bottle of china glaze omg and 2nite !!!! 
(and i got china glaze poinsettia too) 

are you as excited as me? well the best part is yet to come, you will not believe how much i got these for ? 

i paid £13/$20.59 (inc. p+p) for all 3!!!! i bought them from ebay and the seller had listed them 1 hour before and started the bid at 99p and had a buy it now of £10 and £3 p+p!!!!!!

anyway expect swatches very soon, (well as soon as the sun comes out!) and i'll talk to you later ladies, got to head back 
toodles xx
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Saturday, 12 November 2011


i never thought i'd own an nfu oh, let alone one of their amazing holo's, but i managed to get this a few weeks ago in a blog sale, but today is the first day i've seen any sun and so i grabbed the opportunity, this is a very, very pic heavy post, you have been warned !!

how insanely gorgeous is this? 

you have to enlarge these !! 

there was not sun here, don't quite understand how this holo appeared loll, but i aint complaining ! 

i know people are unhappy with the dullness of this polish when it's not in bright lights but i personally don't find it too dull, yes the holo isn't insanely strong but it's still there ! and the colour is really pretty anyway so i don't mind. 
the one thing i am slightly upset about is the wear, you must all know how bad the wear is, i had chips and tipwear after about 6 hours ! which is quite upsetting : (, the application isn't the easiest but it isn't as bad as i was expecting. 
overall i luurrve this nail polish and if you ever get the chance to pick this up, make sure you do, do any of you own this? what are your views on it?
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Thursday, 10 November 2011


How are you all ladies, it's been quite a while, sometimes life gets soo busy without any notice it's ridiculous, i do have a little bit of time tonight because the place where i work has flooded and the ceilings fallen in and its a big miss, so i have the week off ! It is a little upsetting though because the damage is terrible and i have no idea how long the surgery will be closed for now and it had just started to pick up and get really busy !

Anyway on to my nails, yesterday when Leslie posted this mani i fell in love with the thumb nail and decided to try it out myself, and thought i'd do a glitter bomb, and what better glitter polish to use other than mad as a hatter? 

my nails were kinda too short and so that's why it doesn't look quite soo awesome loll ; )
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Saturday, 5 November 2011


hi ladies, sorry it's been a while since my last post but i've just been sooo tired : ( 
i haven't had any time to do any nail art at all, it's just been plain polish for a while now but i'm loving it, i think it's nice to see a solid, clean pretty colour sometimes. 

i started off with this gorgeous rich blue, this is pure ice french kiss, beautiful rich opaque blue, the only thing about this was it was slightly thick, but manageable. I wore this plain for about 2 days just before i took it off i decided to see what it'd look like with orly glitz and glamour 

what do you think, i did this pretty quick so the sponging is nowhere near perfect , but i quite liked this combo 
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Tuesday, 1 November 2011


sorry this wasn't posted yesterday but i was soo tired, anyway here it is 

you see the name of this polish ! 

ok so what were your halloween nails? 

sorry for these posts being really short but i honestly don't have much time for these and i guess these posts are better than nothing, loll, let the pictures so all the talking right?
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