Saturday, 26 November 2011


eh oh ladies, are you all ok, I'm so sorry that i've disappeared ladies, i've been feeling really stressed and tired this week, well it started last sunday, i drunk 4 cups of coffee by midnight and couldn't sleep till 3, then the next morning i woke up at 7.30 i was ok in the morning and then the caffeine started to wear off and i was soo tired i honestly struggled to keep my eyes awake, but then i got home had more coffee and the whole thing repeated itself again and again and again, so i've been feeling a big urghhh but i got something in the post this morning that turned my whole week around : ) 

I contacted Nina from Women's Temptations (who has the most beautiful nails !) asking if she'd swap for some golden rose flakies, but they weren't available, so anyway this turned into a haul with lots of holos ! and a couple of flakies 

i haven't got the bottles nearby right now so i'll have to edit in the names later, but i think you can see 5 gorgeous catherine arley holo's ! inglot flakies 203 + 204 ! and GOSH HOLOGRAPHIC aaarrggh !! can you believe i finally got my hands on this, and this was the last bottle in Bulgaria, : ) !!! there's no sun right now so i didn't put on the Gosh straight away, i'm waiting for the sun to show to swatch it (yep, could be next yr now loll) 

THANKYOUU SOOO MUCH NINA, i love every single one of these and you really have spoilt me here loll : ) 

i have one of these polishes on my nails now and will show you a swatch either later tonight or tomorrow now : ) 

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