Sunday, 31 July 2011


Does anybody even know who mr blobby is? or is it just me? well actually my dad seemed to remember who he was lol, anyway today's nails are inspired by him :  P

i must admit i took this straight off after these pictures because this was too odd and wrongly bright imo !

now i think about it, i never liked mr blobby, *shrugs*  oh well  
and now i look at it on the computer the bow tie is kind of  pants ! i swear it didn't looks this bad irl

i also have to apologize to all you, i'm so very sorry that i haven't been blogging often enough but life is honestly too crazy atm, we're finally starting to get our lives back on track : ) 
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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

MR HAPPY : ) :)

hey everybody, this was supposed to be a scheduled post but i'm here, i was meant to be staying at my uncle n aunties house but unfortunately they were burgled last night so i thought i'll delay my trip for another week or two :  (

anyway this mani is actually completely the opposite of what i'm feeling right now but i have to share this with you, i decided i'd like to do all the mr. men and little miss, well actually i was inspired by a drawing i did a couple of years ago which featured all my favourite mr men and little miss and i thought i'd do this on my nails,  this is the only one i've actually done on my real nails, i've done others but they're on false nails, i'll show you them all when i'm finished, ok so here you are  
 it was supposed to say mr men, but i ran out of space and so it's mr. me loll
this pointy finger was a complete failure and so i cropped it out of the other pictures but i included one 

 and i also realised that this orange base was completely wrong, but oh well ! 

ok ladies, well here you go hope you like him and am feeling in a similar mood to him loll 
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aloha ladies, i gt my first award from the lovely ivana at ivana thinks pink thankyouuu : ) without further ado, 

- Link back to the person who passed you the award
- Complete the form below
- Award 10 blogs
- Drop them a line and tell them about it

- Share 7 random things about yourself 

Name your favourite colour :
emerald green : ) i luurrve green, green clothes, green nail polish, green anything : ) loll

Name your favourite song :
hmm, this changes nearly all the time, but i think my favourite song i never get sick of might be fast cars by tracy      chapman 

Name your favourite dessert : 
if im honest i'm not a big dessert person, but errm.... probably chocolate cake? 

What makes you mad ? 
a lot of things loll,  but mostly my younger brothers lol 

When you're upset you ... : 
hmm sometimes i cry and sometimes i go around shouting and screaming loll, 

You're favourite pet ? 
omg, that has to be my adorable little ginger cat called skippy, aww i love her sooo much lol, 

Black or White ? 

You're biggest fear is ? 
aeroplanes ( i have a big fear of flying), rats/mice and a weird one, becoming an orphan and having no family 

Your best feature is ? 
hmm, probably my eyes and my hands ! 

Everyday attitude : 
changes all the time, more often than not it's cba ! loll

What is perfection ? 
?????????? is there such a thing? 

Guilty Pleasure : 
as if you can't guess, nail polish loll 

7 random things about me :

1 - i want braces, how weird am i ? loll i should have perfect teeth because my dad's a dentist ! but my teeth are far from perfect, but if i want braces i have to pay a couple of thousand pounds because my teeth aren't bad enough loll
2- i want to be an orthodontist, 
3- i have 3 younger brothers that live to annoy me 
4- i want to get married young
5- i'm not really a very open person and so i'm finding this a bit difficult 
6- i'm a huge worrier and i stress out so much during exam periods people often avoid me loll
7- i used to say sorry in more or less every sentence that my friends made this box that every time i said sorry i had to put a pound in, they were very rich by the end of the first  day loll, but i'm a lot better now loll 

ok, so i pass this award on to: 

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Saturday, 23 July 2011

army nails

hi everybody, sorry i've been gone for soo long, my auntie and uncle came down for a week and it's been crazy, anyway i went to leeds yesterday and btw my left arm is aching sooo bad after carrying my lil cousin round the whole of leeds for 4 hours (don't ask) ! anyway i was hunting for gosh holo i stalked all the superdrugs in leeds, and i asked everywhere if they had any odd ones in the warehouse, but *sob* no luck, anyway whilst in urban outfitters, i saw they had some nail polish !!!! i saw it on their website, but never in store, anyway even better, they were BOGOF, so i got two, i'm going to show you one today, its called khaki 

this is such a gorgeous colour, and it has soo many dupes, however i am ashamed to admit that i don't have any colour like this in my stash ! shocking,  yes i know ! 
this was two coats, the first coat was worryingly sheer but 2 coats gave good coverage, and it's soo shiny too there's no topcoat here ! oh and i also want to mention the bottle that has stolen my heart, (i forgot to take a bottle pic though, lol, silly me) i loveeeeee this bottle, idk why but i do ! 

this is the perfect army green imo and so i had to add something ... 
i added some camoflauge, but wanted to jazz it up again and so added some helmets on my accent nails, i'm not too pleased with how it turned out, but oh well, can you tell if they're helmets ?

then i had to add a matte topcoat, !!!! i lovee it : )  

sorry for the funny shaped nubbins, lol, but my long nails were getting soooo irritating i had to cut them all down, i must say i'm very lucky, i don't think i've ever broken a finger nail before so my nails all grow quite long and then i get fed up and cut them all down ! lol, alrighty then ladies, i'll post again soon ! : ) 
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Wednesday, 20 July 2011


hehe, i know that title is complete pants,  but i didn't know what to call it
this post is super duper early but i havent had much time really because for 3 days straight i have been constantly painting, you see you do one bit really nice and then suddenly everyone gets it into their head that your amazing at painting and so you get stuck with it all, but oh well i'm finally off to the seaside next tuesday : ) yaaay
anyway here is todays mani, i was inspired by some nail stickers i saw over at (can't remember now) !

just a plain black base with painted triangleish shapes and squares and circles and then i threw on some rhinesetones to add some sparkle 

this was a bit of a rushed mani, you can probably tell from here

i think it's alright, not quite how i wanted it to turn out but i'll try this again and makes the shapes smaller and use different colours, what do you think, would you wear this? 
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Monday, 18 July 2011


well, i think the title sums up how i feel about what i'm going to show you today 
but first i just want to say a huge thanx to everyone out there who reads my little blog, i recently seem to be getting quite a few comments on my posts and i love reading every single comment and i honestly smile when i see a new comment and it really gives me that kick to publish more posts : ), so thankyou to all of you 
ok now on to the polishy bit,

... introducing opi, opening night gold 

look at that holo *swoon* 

sorry this is blurry but i took this picture not expecting to use it but it really shows the holo pretty well

in sunlight !
so as you can see from these pictures the holo is really strong but doesnt show up too well on the nail but irl it's more holo than pics here. it was pretty sheer and perfect thinness but this is 2 or 3 coats and its opaque , so i thought hhhmmm.... could this work as a layering holo ? 

 over collection 2000 ninja 

over black, omg could this be a linear black holo? !!!

this is over bright red, and it has become holo but it's also darker than its original colour, its more crimson here than bus stop red  

the red and the black again (here the black looks slightly purple and red looks slightly pink) 
over no7 poolside blue 

so what do you think ? isn't this polish just gorgeous, i haven't actually seen this on many blogs, it's not getting enough love i don't think, i actually think this could be the gold version of opi's standing room only 
my only con about this nail polish is that it seems to take forever to dry, i applied this at about 7 and went to sleep at 11 and when i woke up i had sheet prints ! but i would happily sit there for a whole day for this to dry, let me know what you think of this, have you ever got an amazing bargain ?
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Saturday, 16 July 2011


... slap 'em on your nails !
anyway i shouldn't be here, but i am, i should be at the seaside : ( however i'm sat at home having done a full day of cleaning and rain : ( i did go yesterday but i also came back yesterday, i've actually decided i'm going to go not next week but the week after hopefully *fingers crossed* 
ok so this is my very summery mani from a few days ago, i too saw this design on the illustrated nail and it was the one that stood out to me but when i saw the tutorial over at polish art addiction i had to try it, funnily enough i only got round to it a few days ago lol, 

yes, im holding a lemon, well 'coz i've got lemons on my nails : ) 

how do you think i did, its not perfect and i will definitely do it again but it takes a looooooong time !
i really recommend you try this leslies tutorial is really helpful : ) let me know if you give it a go : ) 

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Thursday, 14 July 2011


bonjour chica's, 'ow are you all today?
me? i'm very tired, i've spent the past few days painting and stripping wallpaper : ( but thankfully i'm off to the seaside on friday and should be back sometime next week, i'm looking forward to a little break now lol, but you know this'll mean there'll be some scheduled posts soon
ok, i have to tell you that when i first started nail art my first design was leopard, and that was the only design i did for a long time and so i get sick of it, but then the other day whilst wearing a dress (you'll see it later) i thought i'd give it a try 
ok here you are (please excuse the poor clean up on my fingers) 

i had to outline them dots with  a brush because i need a new nail art pen

and this is what the dress looks like 

soo, i'll talk to you soon then bye xxxxxx

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