Thursday, 14 July 2011


bonjour chica's, 'ow are you all today?
me? i'm very tired, i've spent the past few days painting and stripping wallpaper : ( but thankfully i'm off to the seaside on friday and should be back sometime next week, i'm looking forward to a little break now lol, but you know this'll mean there'll be some scheduled posts soon
ok, i have to tell you that when i first started nail art my first design was leopard, and that was the only design i did for a long time and so i get sick of it, but then the other day whilst wearing a dress (you'll see it later) i thought i'd give it a try 
ok here you are (please excuse the poor clean up on my fingers) 

i had to outline them dots with  a brush because i need a new nail art pen

and this is what the dress looks like 

soo, i'll talk to you soon then bye xxxxxx

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  1. so prettty! I've never tried animals prints... I want to try it now!

    I'm your 35th follower!

  2. @ Nailderella aww thankyou for your comment and following : ) you should definatley try this it's really easy no joke : )

  3. This is so cute!
    Your nail art is pretty amazing!

  4. @nicnacksnails, thankyouu that's really sweet : )


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