Wednesday, 20 July 2011


hehe, i know that title is complete pants,  but i didn't know what to call it
this post is super duper early but i havent had much time really because for 3 days straight i have been constantly painting, you see you do one bit really nice and then suddenly everyone gets it into their head that your amazing at painting and so you get stuck with it all, but oh well i'm finally off to the seaside next tuesday : ) yaaay
anyway here is todays mani, i was inspired by some nail stickers i saw over at (can't remember now) !

just a plain black base with painted triangleish shapes and squares and circles and then i threw on some rhinesetones to add some sparkle 

this was a bit of a rushed mani, you can probably tell from here

i think it's alright, not quite how i wanted it to turn out but i'll try this again and makes the shapes smaller and use different colours, what do you think, would you wear this? 
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  1. oh my! I love this mani! so fun!!

  2. I love that you painted some shapes and the others a 3D - looks great!


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