Monday, 11 July 2011


im sorry again for this late post, (why do all my posts start with an apology? loll)
anyway on to more important matters ; )

this is yesterdays mani

this is china glaze yellow polka dot bikini, which is the brightest, neonest highlighter yellow ever! and my camera refuses to capture it : ( 
but unfortunately the yellow was a streaky neon horror ! this was 4 or 5 coats!

yes, i knocked the little finger, aargh! you can see where i've tried to fix it !

then i decided to add some white crackle, i quite like this combo and best thing, it hides all the flaws : ) lol 

what do you think, would you wear this? 
ok toodley doo ladies : ) 
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  1. interesting, not my style but its neat looking

  2. I love yellows specially neons! Looks WONDERFUL with your skin tone!!

  3. arrrggghhh i absolutly love your blog and your from the uk YEY!!!
    wondered if there was anyway i could go on your blog roll maybe :D
    if so its
    keep up the good work
    xoxo <3. sarah

  4. So cool! Until the hazmat team doused it with crackle, lol!


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