Saturday, 23 July 2011

army nails

hi everybody, sorry i've been gone for soo long, my auntie and uncle came down for a week and it's been crazy, anyway i went to leeds yesterday and btw my left arm is aching sooo bad after carrying my lil cousin round the whole of leeds for 4 hours (don't ask) ! anyway i was hunting for gosh holo i stalked all the superdrugs in leeds, and i asked everywhere if they had any odd ones in the warehouse, but *sob* no luck, anyway whilst in urban outfitters, i saw they had some nail polish !!!! i saw it on their website, but never in store, anyway even better, they were BOGOF, so i got two, i'm going to show you one today, its called khaki 

this is such a gorgeous colour, and it has soo many dupes, however i am ashamed to admit that i don't have any colour like this in my stash ! shocking,  yes i know ! 
this was two coats, the first coat was worryingly sheer but 2 coats gave good coverage, and it's soo shiny too there's no topcoat here ! oh and i also want to mention the bottle that has stolen my heart, (i forgot to take a bottle pic though, lol, silly me) i loveeeeee this bottle, idk why but i do ! 

this is the perfect army green imo and so i had to add something ... 
i added some camoflauge, but wanted to jazz it up again and so added some helmets on my accent nails, i'm not too pleased with how it turned out, but oh well, can you tell if they're helmets ?

then i had to add a matte topcoat, !!!! i lovee it : )  

sorry for the funny shaped nubbins, lol, but my long nails were getting soooo irritating i had to cut them all down, i must say i'm very lucky, i don't think i've ever broken a finger nail before so my nails all grow quite long and then i get fed up and cut them all down ! lol, alrighty then ladies, i'll post again soon ! : ) 
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  1. mine are like that too. I'm too lazy to keep filing them down so I just let them grow until they're getting annoying and chop them off lol :)

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