Monday, 30 January 2012


I'm not feeling too good today so I'm at home, the weather doesn't really help much in cheering you up either : (
Anyway, I have been feeling soo uninspired recently I just haven't know what to do on my nails ! So, I decided to do try Linda's tutorial for the freehand houndstooth pattern, I love this design but I don't have the konad plate so when she posted a tutorial I couldn't wait to try it ! Well it took several months but I finally did it yesterday
I couldn't decide which colour to do and after realising I've never done skittle nails, I decided to do use my OPI shrek mini's for a skittley mani !

Pinky - Pointer finger , Who the shrek are you, Fiercely Fiona, Whats with the cattitude, Rumple's wiggin.
I used black acrylic paint for the pattern , let me know if you like it

oh and just be warned, it doesn't look very good in the photos, it was the last step that confused me and they went wonky but your couldn't tell in real life !

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Saturday, 28 January 2012


I don't think we need a lot of words here, I guess the pictures will do all the talking in this posts, this will be a very pic heavy post 
first up are the bottle shots ....   

one coat over opi - russian navy 

under water shots, not the best quality

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Friday, 27 January 2012


I went shopping today and found fantasy fire, I'm just putting it now and so you'll see it tomorrow hopefully : ) I've was supposed to show you this ages ago but it just got forgotten about !

pretty, right
the formula was a bit pants lots of clumping and the glitters wouldn't spread and then some parts of the nail were thicker and topcoat didn't help, I peeled this off after a day ! 

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I'M BACK (with some pretty polishes!)

the reason this post is (II) is because I already have a post called I'm Back loll 

anyway, I'm back again I had my last 2 exams today, I hope they went well *fingers crossed* loll, and I'm also feeling like poo : ( I have the biggest, baddest, meanest headache ever ! and I have to go to school tomorrow too :' ( 

Anywho, you may have noticed the new layout of the blog, I just spent the last 3 hours working on this (I kid you not) I'm normally quite good with computers and all the different program's but just today for all this nothing was doing what I wanted it to ! 

So, I don't have a mani today but I thought I'd show you the polishes I mentioned before ! 

Ok, so I picked up some of my first nicole by opi's and they were holo's !!  
holiday's glaze

holly pop red 

before, you start judging these are not all for me some are for swaps and you'll even have the chance to win one soon ; ) 
Unfortunatley because these were really old they have quite bit evaporation : ( 

and these are my first Catrice polishes that I picked up at a blog sale !
L-R, sold out forever, run forest run (old version), pool party at night 

Anywho I'm going to have to bid you all farewell for now, as it's 1:15 am and I have about a weeks worth of zzz's to catch up on too ! loll 
toodles xx
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Wednesday, 11 January 2012


Hello ladies, hope your all doing well, me? I'm stressing out like you woudln't believe !
Anyway I just wanted to let you all know my exams in less than 2 weeks and so I won't have the time to  post before they're over !
I have cute all my nails down to nubs to avoid the temptation to do my nails loll and so far it's working !
I'm expecting some lovely polish soon and will share that all with you after my exams finish
anywayss... wish me luck and I shall talk to you all again soon, take care xx Pin It

Wednesday, 4 January 2012


I'm in the middle of a Business Studies paper and the last question is a killer, and i need a break so here are the swatches as promised, they're not as good as I'd hoped, i wanted to wear this over something with a similar base colour and so i chose misa - throw me something purple, not perfect but it did the job

*Very very  Pic Heavy !* also i recently discovered this thing on my camera that lets me take really close pictures very focused and so there'll be quite a few close up shots ! 

Wowww, that really was a lot of pictures, I should have inserted a jump, but I don't like them so I didn't bother loll, 
Thoughts on this polish?  to be honest i was a tad disappointed when i had it on but it definitely grew on me an d i do love it now ! 
Do you have this?  
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