Wednesday, 4 January 2012


I'm in the middle of a Business Studies paper and the last question is a killer, and i need a break so here are the swatches as promised, they're not as good as I'd hoped, i wanted to wear this over something with a similar base colour and so i chose misa - throw me something purple, not perfect but it did the job

*Very very  Pic Heavy !* also i recently discovered this thing on my camera that lets me take really close pictures very focused and so there'll be quite a few close up shots ! 

Wowww, that really was a lot of pictures, I should have inserted a jump, but I don't like them so I didn't bother loll, 
Thoughts on this polish?  to be honest i was a tad disappointed when i had it on but it definitely grew on me an d i do love it now ! 
Do you have this?  
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  1. I didn't pull my finger out when this went on sale so haven't got it. I don't really know if I want it because I was so swept up by everyone going on about it originally or because it's amazing. I did place an order for a couple of flakies when Llarowe had free shipping which I'm hoping will give the same effects so we'll see.
    Will we be seeing more close-up shots of your swatches now you've discovered the macro setting? :-)

  2. @ Anna : loll, as much as i love flakies i think i bought this becuase of what everyone else said about it, and then i saw poeple layering different flakies to get the same effect and i felt a bit dissappointed, i completley missed out on Llarowe's free shipping but can't wait to see what you picked up : )
    loll, i always had the macro on but for some reason when i took the camera too close it just completley went all fuzzy, then anfter reading somewhere, i tried zooming in and moving my hand further back and it worked ! so yep lots more close ups now !

  3. I'm glad you love it!! It was also kind of meh for me at first but it grew on me!

  4. That is so pretty! I don't have it but i might if i see it!!

  5. I nominated you for the Cute Blog Award. :D

    I only added my blog link to show you to the page where I nominated you.

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