Wednesday, 23 July 2014


Hey guys, so do you remember about a month ago I mentioned going to an Essence bloggers launch event? Prior to this event I went down to London for a little nail girl meetup and we stopped by the newly opened Essence kiosk in Westfields and of course, we all bought quite a few things! The following week I visited the new Essence kiosk in the Manchester Arndale Centre and picked up a few more things from there which included the nail polish I'm showing you today! The following weekend I went to the Bloggers Event and had such a great time, I did take pictures on my phone which I shared on my twitter and instagram so be sure to follow me on there to see. At the event we got a really big goody bag and then were told we could take anything which took our fancy! Needless to say I got lots of nail goodies from there too. I've been busy for the past 4 days swatching and doing lots of nail art with them so I will be sharing all of those soon! 
Phew! aand take a breath, are you still with me?
 Ok so for these nails I started with 2 coats of OPI My Vampire is Buff on all my fingers except the ring finger where I applied 2 coats of Essence Naughty and Pink 107. When the OPI was dry I applied these chevron nail vinyls from She Sells Seashells and painted on one coat of the Essence and whilst it was still wet I peeled off the vinyl and then added top coat. On my ring finger I added this cute little mermaid embellishment which is also from She Sells Seashells

Just wanted to say the Essence pink isn't as bright as it looks in these pictures but it's still pretty awesome!
Wow, if your still with me you deserve a medal! 

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Tuesday, 22 July 2014


Hey guys, so it's not often that I'm blown away by a nail design! the last time I was, however, was when I laid eyes on these nails by Lucy's Stash, it honestly took my break away and couldn't wait to try it for myself. So for these nails I did 2 coats of OPI My Vampire Is Buff and then used watered down purple acrylic paint. Go and check out her tutorial to see how to do these, obviously mine didn't turn out as well as Lucys! I did the same flower on my accent nail as well but the thumb turned out better so I thought I'd just show you the thumb instead! 

Ok, I have a splitting headache so I'm going to bed! 

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Monday, 21 July 2014


Hey guys, how are you all doing? I hope your weeks started out on a positive note :) 
When Tilda* dropped through my post box, it just looked like the perfect grass green colour! 
I wanted to do some flowery nail art with it but wanted to keep it simple, so I painted on this daisy :)

Love it! Makes me think of summer! 

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Sunday, 20 July 2014


Hey guys, how are you all? So I bought my first Picture Polish when Rainbow Connection had their 30 % off sale. When I saw that Aurora was in stock I had to snap it up, I was actually quite surprised it was still in stock because I know it was very limited edition! I actually wore this to the little nail meet up in June. 
I applied 1 thickish coat over 2 coats of OPI Lady In Black before applying a nice thick layer or topcoat. At our meetup we got a lovely gift from Sarah and Saira which contained these awesome unicorn nail vinyls. The next day the first thing I did was add one of these little beauties to my ring finger before topcoating, and voila this magical mani was complete! 

There are loads of pictures so grab a cup of tea and relax :)

This really is a magical nail polish, one which I wasn't expecting to love as much as I do. I don't know if this is still available from anywhere but if you find a bottle buy it, you will not regret it!

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Thursday, 17 July 2014


Hey guys, how are you all?
So I decided to do another vertical gradient and this time I used Illamasqua Stance* and Monogamous. It was super easy to do and I love the colours together. Once that had dried I used the Barry M Nail Art Pen in Black to draw on this lace design I saw on instagram. 

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Tuesday, 15 July 2014


Hey guys, so I'm still ill but today I finally managed to sit and do my nails before heading to work. 
I am in love with the nails I'm showing you today, remember the vertical gradient I did, about a year ago now, here. Well I loved it but never actually got round to doing another vertical gradient, haha! So when I saw these two gorgeous Zoya polishes side by side I just knew what I had to do.
I used Zoya Tilda* and Ling* for the gradient, and I really think my gradients have improved, just goes to show practice makes perfect! I topped the whole thing off with one coat of Wet n Wild Fergie polish in Tonight's Gonna Be A Good Good Night. 

These colours are made for each other and they work so so beautifully together, if you own these you must try this out!

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Sunday, 13 July 2014


Hey guys, how was your weekend? Again I haven't posted in a few days because I've been ill and I've been really busy too which means I've spent the rest of the day sleeping. 
So for these nails I started off with 2 coats of Barry M Gelly in Blueberry and then I used Madam Luck's tutorial on instagram to paint on the lillies. I did my ring finger first and it didn't turn out as well as the others I did. For my right hand, to make life easier, I made lilly decals and then just stuck them on. Do you get what I mean or shall I make a tutorial? Comment below, let me know!
Anyway I wore these for 4 days and I really, really loved them and I got so many lovely comments on them!

Enjoy the rest of your week guys and I will see you in my next post which is a gorgeous gradient!

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