Sunday, 28 August 2011


Good day to all you lovely polish obsessed people, how are you all ? i'm tired , so very tired, but i really want to show you this mani, as you probably all know illamasqua had a summer sale on with their nail polishes reduced from £13.50 to only £5.00 !!!! and whilst looking at the colours my heart kind of skipped a beat when i saw they had raindrops!!! they also had hectic but it was out of stock in a couple of days, anyway long story short i ordered insanity and raindrops! 

the colours ran in the umbrella : ( 

i find that this mani is totally appropriate looking at the sky! i just want to say to all those who could be affected by hurricane irene, stay safe : ) 

however these few seem a tad contradictory as they're taken in sunlight looll

this is a close up isn't it gorgeous, the name of this polish is completely fitting don't you agree?

this is my first illamasqua and i must say i was pleased, however the brush on this seemed to be a bit funny, it didn't spread out properly on the nail, it had a gap in the middle ! and the other thing, 4 coats!! i could have done 5 but nooo, too many, next time i think i'll layer it over a grey 
another thing i want to mention is that this had incredible staying power, you may have noticed the one tiny chip on my index finger but i think that's quite impressive considering this nail polish underwent a grueling testing process today loll, what, i hear you ask, well today we were chiseling off all the kitchen floor tiles and my job was to collect them all and chuck em away, not very nail polish friendly but all i suffered was one tiny chip ! i'm very pleasedd :  )

ok i hope you enjoyed this post, oh and tomorrow is my very first driving lesson, so stay off the roads ladies lolll
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Friday, 26 August 2011


sorry ladies these posts haven't been very interesting, i have been sooo busy this paast week with stuff at home and arrgh, lol so this is one of the glitter i showed you in my haul post, i picked this up from the market as it looked really pretty and the bottle is 18ml too !

it flashes the most gorgeous green at some angles !
gorgeous? oui oui, these pictures need to be enlarged

its layered over china glaze stone age, i really liked this combo, it looked super pretty imo

BUT there were some cons with this nail polish it stunk to the high heavens, coverage was pretty poor this was about 4 coats to get this and finally it took forever to dry, so i took this off after about 20 minutes and it still wasn't dry *sigh* and i really wanted to mattify this but i didn't have 2 hours spare for this to dry ! loll

sooo..... i don't think i'll ever be using this again but i'm not sure ! 
ok i promise to have something a little more exciting soon : ) 

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Tuesday, 23 August 2011


i <3 cherries, they are one of my favourite fruits, so why not put them on my nails ?
 i was inspired by a picture i saw at .... that's my problem every time i see a mani that i love i save it on my computer and by the time i get round to trying them out i've completely forgotten where i saw them !

with flash

lots of pictures again lol

i really liked this mani, really easy to do using dotting tool i made tiny white dots and then went over them with red nail polish so they stood out more against the background and then drew on tiny little stalks, not perfect but i guess that's what i like about it : )

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Monday, 22 August 2011


well ladies do i even need to say anything ? 

oh yes, i just remembered, i want to say another huggggggeeeeeee thankyou to sabbatha from spooky nails for this amazing polish *huggs*

truly an amzing holo and this polish has given me a taste for the whole omg collection and has increased my lemming to a whole new level !!!
lol, on a completely unrelated note, i just thought i'd share that i've been learning arabic calligraphy as i find it very beautiful, i'm no pro but as soon as i finish this piece i'll show you a picture so you can let me know what you think

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Sunday, 21 August 2011


and now for something completely different ...(loll)
well todays (or should i say tonight's) post is quite a special one, imo
quite a few years ago (well about 5 yrs ago) my dad was really into art and regularly ordered a magazine called the fine art collector which featured all sorts of (expensive) paintings from new artists, one day i was extremely bored so i got looking at this magazine and when i turned the page i fell in love with one painting, and  because the actual painting had a 4 figure price tag, i cut this picture out and pinned it on my wall in my bedroom, only a couple of weeks ago i took the painting down to paint and i decided that i'd like to try this on my nails 
okay enough waffling here's what i rustled up

following pics have matte top coat

i was a little disappointed with this the trees didn't turn out right and the man what's he doing here? i don't have a clue loll, the one thing i liked was the heart 

here's the picture, don't you just love it ? btw if anybody knows who the artist is who did this or the name of the painting please leave me a comment below

anywhoo i shall talk to you all laterss : ) 

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Friday, 19 August 2011


loll, bonjour ladies i'm soooo tired today and i don't think i'm feeling well but i wanted to show you this design i did a while ago, i was inspired by the tape mani's from nailside, i decided to do a small lightning bolt and whilst the gold i painted was still wet i dipped my nail in gold glitter ! this is the first time i tried a tape mani and i have to admit i was quite pleased with the way it turned out they were quite crisp imo, but then i realised once the glitter was on you couldn't see the lines underneath clearly : ( 

it looks a bit messy over here 

do you like it ?
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Thursday, 18 August 2011


aloha ladies, it's result's day today and i'm back home now and i'm smiling (always a good sign) thankfully i did alright i got 2 A's, one in Business Studies and the other in Bio and one B in Chemy and i'm happy lol, especially since the biology exam i did this summer, i was supposed to do next year, but i like a challenge and trust me it was a challenge indeed, the teacher was so negative towards me (made me cry once!) and i had to teach myself and learn everything in one month and it involved lots of late nights and cold sweats and stress lol but it's all worth it in the end, definitely : )  

anyway why i'm telling you? becuase i have to share my happiness with someone anyway back to the nails loll, from my haul post the other day Joy said she wanted to see some of the models own and so i rustled up this mani.
this is also my first models own and i was also anxious to try it

and i couldn't leave it plain i had to add some fimo ! 

you can see some bubbling in this pic but it wasn't noticable irl

if i'm honest i wasn't too impressed with this it was streaky and in pics you can see some bubbling and it looks like a really uneven finish, but i like the colour and for £5 its ok, maybe its the colour and the others will be a lot better *fingers crossed* ok ladies i'l talk to you all later : ) 

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Tuesday, 16 August 2011


helloow fellow nail crazies ! hehe as requested a very special polish for you all today 
i'm going to keep it very short and sweet and let the pictures do the talking ....

unfortunately the piccies suck and don't do justice AT ALL !! 

not enough photo's and the piccies aren't good enough so expect a reswatch  very soon !

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Monday, 15 August 2011


helloo fellow polish addicts, i was going to post this earlier but it was my mums birthday yesterday so i didn't get a chance but as promised today i have for you a haul post. i'd just like to mention now that i don't make these posts to brag or anything like that, i love seeing other people's hauls and i know other people are interested too !
also i'd just like to say thankyouuu all of you for the amazing feedback and comments on my last post, it really makes my day to see so many lovely comments : ) 

(L-R) Nubar Forest, Nubar Chiffon, Models Own Nayla Nude, Models Own concrete mixer, Models Own Baby Blue 

(L-R) my first seche vites !, Special FX Nail Art Sealer 

Catherine Arley 111, Catherine Arley 104, Jordana no name, BYS mint condition, H&M Bella's Choice 

(L-R) Misa Throw me something purple please, China Glaze L8R G8TR, China Glaze Platinum Pieces, Mac Nocturnelle

(L-R) NYX Pink Avenue, LM no name, LM no name, Barry M 211
(L-R) OPI, Mad as a hatter, Color Club Ruby Slippers, Essence Back to Paradise 

I'd just like to show you the polishes which i won in Spooky Nails giveaway, i've never actually won a giveaway before and i was soo excited to win this : ) 

ooh here it is !!  

taaa daa ...
here they are in all their glory, !!!!! *squeel*  
*hugs* thankyouuu so much spooky nails : ) I <3 them all : ) 

wow long post lots of pictures and i've just remembered as i type this i'm waiting for 5 more china glazes loll !
ok in the next post i'm going to show you one of these nail polishes, and if you want to see swatches of any of these nail polishes leave me a comment  ; ) 

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