Saturday, 13 August 2011


aloha ladies, hows ares you all
well i'm back (well tbh i've been back for a few days now, but haven't had a chance to post) have you missed me ?  hehe i've missed all of you, and i've just seen i have 76 followers !!!!! yaaay so i've decided scrap a 50 followers giveaway and i'll do a big one for 100 followers :  ) and i've come home to some amazing nail mail too : ) (i'll do a haul for the next post)

ok but today i'll just show you another mani i was sporting whilst away
soooo, i've had these fimo canes for agess now and i haven't actually used them for a mani yet and of course me being me i went a tad overboard on this on loll anyway here you are 

i added a thick layer of topcoat to seal the fimo in and i apologize for the lack of clean up, i took these pics whilst this was still wet !

i drew lines of different colour greens for the grass and then added these fimo's on the top (loll at my dodgy slice cutting ! ) 

after sticking these on, i realized they were slightly too big loll, it's a bit worrying when a lady bird is the same size as a flower loll 
on the plus side these stayed on for a few days i was worried they'd fall off or lift at the corners but it was ok, however they were a bit too bulky and after a few days i ended up picking them off ! 

anyway i'm sorry for the late post and i hope to post again soon : ) 

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  1. wow your nails are amazing!!!

    shel xx

  2. This is really creative. Love it!

  3. LOVED IT!!! Wow! Loved the grass, very realistic.

  4. gorgeous!!! i haven't tried fimo yet but i love these!

  5. I love fimo and this mani with it is AWESOME! I'm totally going to do something like this soon

  6. So summery and adorable! I really like it! :)


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