Monday, 1 August 2011


hi ladies, wow i have reached 50 followers and i'd like to say a huge thankyouu to all of you who take the time to read my blog and leave your kind comments, it's hugely appreciated : ) 
today i won spooky nails giveaway and i'm over the moon and i'm so grateful to her, thankyou again : ) 
it's made me realise it's time for my own giveaway to celebrate reaching this milestone, however atm i don't have sufficient funds to purchase all the nail polishes i wanted, so i've decided to only get a few of them as part of the giveaway but i've decided to include 2 sets of false nails handpainted by me with any design, i need your help though, please leave a comment below to tell me what design you'd like, it can be one you've seen on my blog or anything else.
how do you think that sounds, is it a good idea? i really want to give something which i feel you will like, so please leave your thoughts below as i need your help and hopefully i should have a giveaway sorted for you very soon :   ) Pin It

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  1. the thing about false nails is, that not all sizes fit one person...did that make sense? But it is a neat idea...and some of us don't like wearing falsies...

    However....there is a way you can do your own nail art and send it to someone, and they can add it onto their polished nail like a sticker, but its polish! You paint a ziploc baggy in the design you/winner (nail sized paintings), then ship it to the person, and they can then peel off the design, carefully ad place it on the nail and top with top coat! It really does work! and makes nail art on your less dominant hand possible!

    If you go to my blog and look for my daughters 'RAYS' nails you can see how it looks, although I am not the best , and she had a small nail bed to work with, but the letters I painted on her nails and the actual mantaray was painted onto the baggy and transferred to the nail!


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