Tuesday, 23 August 2011


i <3 cherries, they are one of my favourite fruits, so why not put them on my nails ?
 i was inspired by a picture i saw at .... that's my problem every time i see a mani that i love i save it on my computer and by the time i get round to trying them out i've completely forgotten where i saw them !

with flash

lots of pictures again lol

i really liked this mani, really easy to do using dotting tool i made tiny white dots and then went over them with red nail polish so they stood out more against the background and then drew on tiny little stalks, not perfect but i guess that's what i like about it : )

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  1. love it! I've seen this on Cutepolish's youtube before and I plan to try it eventually!

  2. So adorable, I love the blue background :)


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