Thursday, 18 August 2011


aloha ladies, it's result's day today and i'm back home now and i'm smiling (always a good sign) thankfully i did alright i got 2 A's, one in Business Studies and the other in Bio and one B in Chemy and i'm happy lol, especially since the biology exam i did this summer, i was supposed to do next year, but i like a challenge and trust me it was a challenge indeed, the teacher was so negative towards me (made me cry once!) and i had to teach myself and learn everything in one month and it involved lots of late nights and cold sweats and stress lol but it's all worth it in the end, definitely : )  

anyway why i'm telling you? becuase i have to share my happiness with someone anyway back to the nails loll, from my haul post the other day Joy said she wanted to see some of the models own and so i rustled up this mani.
this is also my first models own and i was also anxious to try it

and i couldn't leave it plain i had to add some fimo ! 

you can see some bubbling in this pic but it wasn't noticable irl

if i'm honest i wasn't too impressed with this it was streaky and in pics you can see some bubbling and it looks like a really uneven finish, but i like the colour and for £5 its ok, maybe its the colour and the others will be a lot better *fingers crossed* ok ladies i'l talk to you all later : ) 

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  1. Very cute manicure! Also, congrats on your awesome grades!

  2. congrats on your results yaya!!!!

    shel xx


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