Friday, 28 September 2012


Yep Snake is the best games ever right, I remember it used to keep me awake many a nights on my ancient brick of a Nokia ; )  I don't like all the new versions of the game, you can't beat the classic original 
So in tribute to the snake this mani was born, 
I painted 2 coats of Bys Mint Condition and then used black acrylic paint to draw on my snake which actually turned out to be a bit of fatty ; / 

So what do you guys think ? Did snake keep you awake many nights too?
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Wednesday, 26 September 2012


So these nails were inspired by the petals on a glade aerosol, they looked so delicate and pretty I had to try it on my nails.

I used Barry M pale pink as a base and then I used Barry M Shocking pink on a sponge and sponged it round the edges, then I sponged a little bit of Models Own Lemon Meringue to sponge it into a little half moon shape at the tip. 

It looked so delicate and cute irl, I really really liked it ; ) I hope you guys do too 

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Monday, 24 September 2012


Hi guys I have a really cute mani to show you tomorrow, but for today I just thought I'd show you another haul. 
I'd just like to remind you guys, these posts are just to share my purchases with you, they are in no way showing off 
So the first lot I got was all essence and catrice stuff from the lovely Cuti-clue-les in Ireland, As you guys may know us girls in the uk are deprived of Essence and Catrice : ( This little haul mainly started with the Essence Snow white collection which I  fell in love with, I think it's the first time I wanted the whole collection ! Anyway's I only managed to get these 5 but I'm on the lookout for Grumpy, Snow white and Dopey, If anyboday has a spare or one they no longer want and they're willing to sell/swap/donate then please leave me a comment or drop me an email : ) 

L-R, Essence Bashful, Sleepy, Happy, The Huntsman, Evil Queen

Then I also got some Catrice polishes which I'd been lemming 

L-R, Catrice - Birdy Reloaded, Heavy Metallic, King of Greens, Blue Cara Ciao

And I almost forgot this Essence 

Essence - Copperize me 

Then my parents went to Rome last week and I sent them a Kiko list which they managed to get all of ! (I sent them equipped with maps and addresses ; ) So this is what they got me 

The Lavish Oriental collection ! eek, they are gorgeous 
L-R, Kiko Silk Taupe, Peacock Green, Jewel pink, Steel Grey

L-R, Kiko - 335, 336, 337, 339, 340, 341
 (can you tell I like blues ; ) 

Right so that's it, I'm still waiting for some awesome nail mail, what about you guys, have you got anything exciting recently ?

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Saturday, 22 September 2012


I got this magnet about 6 weeks ago and quickly tried it out, I took the photos and everything but my nails were really short and it just didn't look nice at all, so I chose not to post it ! 
I didn't but any of the polishes because none of them really stood out to me or looked special so I just used the Icing one's I already have and it worked out ok,I used Blue Magnetic and this was only 1 coat 

I redid the pointy finger about 3 times but it messed up every time so I just couldn't be bothered doing it again, but yes the magnet is awesome, the only thing is it's flat and so the design keeps cutting off which I could really do without but still it's a lovely design. 

I didn't buy any of the other magnets around but the designs were really unique here and looked really cool 
The magnet was fairly strong but I wish the magnet was flat ! 

I'm not sure if this has officially been released because I've not seen much about this on other blogs, if anyone has any info about these then let us know in the comments 
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Monday, 17 September 2012


I couldn't wait to try this polish when I got it, I also couldn't decide one colour to layer this with, eventually I decided on Fashion Friday and Mermaid's Lagoon from the Julieg collection for Jesse's Girl, which are both gorgeous polishes : )
This is my first indie, mainly because I'm not a fan of stalking the seller's shops and some of the crazy shipping prices to the uk ! I didn't really want to get sucked in to it all ! As predicted though after using this I need more lol, oh well, let's see how long I can last 
Now this is a really dense glitter and it was a bit thick which meant some of the glitter clumped, so I wiped 90% of it off the brush and then painted it on and it worked beautifully, it also means my bottle will last a while ; ) 

Such a gorgeous polish, do you guys have it or one of it's many many dupes ?

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Saturday, 15 September 2012


Oh what is there to say about this? This has shot up to my top 3 reds, it is the most gorgeous red glitter that glows from within, it looks different in every light so lots of pictures ahead : )
my goodness you guys, I <3 this ! 

 I got this in a blog sale and I didn't even realise how htf this is until I did a bit of research. 
Do you guys have this? 

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Wednesday, 12 September 2012


Welcome to all my new followers, I'm happy to have you all here and I hope you like what you see and stick around  
So I have been wanting some dragon fruit for quite a while, but I haven't been able to find it anywhere : ( But looking at yummy pictures reminded me of w7 Salt n' Pepper and so this mani was created ! 
I actually did this before but I painted the pink frames over the w7 but the black glitter showed through and it just looked like a mess so I redid it and this time painted Barry M Shocking pink first and then painted the w7 on after, but I had to go over the tips with the pink again so you can see some of the glitter peeking through, but I can live with that !

Do you like it ? Do you like Dragon fruit?

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Tuesday, 11 September 2012


So I wasn't really a big fan of the saran/cling film wrap but I saw it done with gold somewhere and it looked so delicate and gorgeous I had to try it and I couldn't decide if I should do it over purple or gold so I did an accent mani, the purple is OPI a grape fit and the green is from the back to the boho collection 
Then I used Barry M Gold foil, it looked better irl than in the photos, it looked so delicate and antiquey and pretty ; )

Are you a fan of the saran/cling film wrap mani? What's your favourite colour combinations ?

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Friday, 7 September 2012


So this comparison was requested by the lovely Kvacka, I wasn't going to do it because I'd seen a few similar posts on other blogs
Anyway, first up bottle shots, in the bottle the new Holographic looks promising and there are few difference but that all changes on the nail, so the middle and pinky finger is the original holographic and you can see from the pictures it is way more holo, it was even more evident irl !


So, I'm sorry if anyone is disappointed by this comparison; I was : (
but none the less holographic hero is an amazing holo on it's own, especially for a uk polish ; )
Application wise the new one has a slightly better formula, it doesn't drag as much but it's still a pain to apply !
So have any of you guys picked up the new Gosh holographic?

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Tuesday, 4 September 2012


So this was very much a last minute thing, I wasn't really sure what I should do but in the end I settled on triangles so I did them in a gradient type thing which I'm rather a big fan of, now I should warn you, this mani looked way better irl, I'd taken the mani off before I could take more photos though : / 

I used a green acrylic pain for all the nails and just added a little bit of white and black until I got the desired colour so here you are


Looking at these pictures I think I needed another coat of topcoat just to smooth it all out, but it looked way better irl ! 
Have you guys joined in today, you can also check out the other ladies that have participated today : )

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