Saturday, 22 September 2012


I got this magnet about 6 weeks ago and quickly tried it out, I took the photos and everything but my nails were really short and it just didn't look nice at all, so I chose not to post it ! 
I didn't but any of the polishes because none of them really stood out to me or looked special so I just used the Icing one's I already have and it worked out ok,I used Blue Magnetic and this was only 1 coat 

I redid the pointy finger about 3 times but it messed up every time so I just couldn't be bothered doing it again, but yes the magnet is awesome, the only thing is it's flat and so the design keeps cutting off which I could really do without but still it's a lovely design. 

I didn't buy any of the other magnets around but the designs were really unique here and looked really cool 
The magnet was fairly strong but I wish the magnet was flat ! 

I'm not sure if this has officially been released because I've not seen much about this on other blogs, if anyone has any info about these then let us know in the comments 
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