Monday, 24 September 2012


Hi guys I have a really cute mani to show you tomorrow, but for today I just thought I'd show you another haul. 
I'd just like to remind you guys, these posts are just to share my purchases with you, they are in no way showing off 
So the first lot I got was all essence and catrice stuff from the lovely Cuti-clue-les in Ireland, As you guys may know us girls in the uk are deprived of Essence and Catrice : ( This little haul mainly started with the Essence Snow white collection which I  fell in love with, I think it's the first time I wanted the whole collection ! Anyway's I only managed to get these 5 but I'm on the lookout for Grumpy, Snow white and Dopey, If anyboday has a spare or one they no longer want and they're willing to sell/swap/donate then please leave me a comment or drop me an email : ) 

L-R, Essence Bashful, Sleepy, Happy, The Huntsman, Evil Queen

Then I also got some Catrice polishes which I'd been lemming 

L-R, Catrice - Birdy Reloaded, Heavy Metallic, King of Greens, Blue Cara Ciao

And I almost forgot this Essence 

Essence - Copperize me 

Then my parents went to Rome last week and I sent them a Kiko list which they managed to get all of ! (I sent them equipped with maps and addresses ; ) So this is what they got me 

The Lavish Oriental collection ! eek, they are gorgeous 
L-R, Kiko Silk Taupe, Peacock Green, Jewel pink, Steel Grey

L-R, Kiko - 335, 336, 337, 339, 340, 341
 (can you tell I like blues ; ) 

Right so that's it, I'm still waiting for some awesome nail mail, what about you guys, have you got anything exciting recently ?

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