Tuesday, 24 May 2011


hi everyone, how are you all? did you miss me ? lol
ok so i said i wouldn't be posting till my exams finished, but omggg its killing me lol i only had my first exam this morning and i have 2 more left *sigh*
so i'm posting today, when i should be revising lol, but shhh, dont let my mum know otherwise i might lose my laptop lol!
im reallly sorry i dont have any pictures of nails today, but i just wanted to say that recently ive been looking at all the amazing giveaways everyone has, and i really really want to do one too, so i think once i reach 50 lovely followers ill host a giveaway and then when i get to 100 ( if i ever do, lol) ill have a bigg one lol, ooh im so excited hehe, ill probably buy everything like in the next week lol
alright well  wish me luck with my exams and i shall have some awesome piccies for you soon

bye bye bye bye xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (i dont know if you can tell but im feeling a bit hyper today lol )!! Pin It

Sunday, 8 May 2011


hi everyone,
it saddens me to say this but this is going to be my last post for a while now, my exams are now two weeks away eeeek  !!!!
ok, so recently i found out how to do an ombre mani, i used to think that every nail was a different nail polish lol, 
anyway so i was meant to try this out a long time ago lol, but i only got round to it this weekend 
ok so i used a really old revlon, (i think it was lavender smoke, will confirm later)
i knocked the little finger : ( 

please excuse my messy fingers, unfortunately because this nail polish is really old and i haven't used it for agess, it was really thick and took like forever to dry so i took it off 5 mins after putting it on lol, so i couldn't be bothered cleaning up properly, but i do love how shiny it looks 

overall:  i think the colours on each nail are pretty similar :  (
will try this again though but with a different nail polish 

ok then, i promise to come back soon and will have some awesome, amazing nail art, yes art lol. 
take care 
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Monday, 2 May 2011

add some silver crackle and taa daaaa

good mornin' to all you lovelies out there, how are you today, n' hows ur bank holiday going,
 im trying to enjoy it to the max because *sob* its back to college tomorrow, but the good thing is i only have to go for 2 weeks and then its study leave but then *another sob* its exams !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  aarrrggghhhh 
lol anyway i was aching to change my mani yesterday but i said 'no revise, and also the smell will kill all your brain cells and then you wont be able to understand or remember anything and then you'll fail !!!' lool, i have funny ways to try and stop myself being distracted, 
however today i decided to add a coat of the w7 silver shatter to yesterdays opi, 
here you go
(and i was going to take a pic of the nails without the top coat as it was really dull but i forgot sorry)

sorry for messy application, did it reallly quickly 

the ring finger is my favourite, i liked the way the crackle turned out on that finger the most

you can see from the pictures it's still pretty dull and doesn't shatter enough to show the colour underneath, but the good thing is today you can really see the purple in the  polish lol
overall i'm not sure if i like this or not, its got tiny little silver shimmer like in not like the movies, and i suppose thats the only thing i like about it 
i've seen the silver opi shatter and so i think i might get that one too, not sure yet 
oh you know i wish they had emoticons on this, i use them in everything lol 

anyway take care everyone 


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Sunday, 1 May 2011

opi not like the movies

ok today i'll keep it short n' sweet, well i'll try lol, no promises 
i got the little mini katy perry set, because i didn't know which colours i would like, i knew i would like teenage dream but i wasnt sure about the others, i thought i wouldnt like 'the one that got away' but actually i really do like it and i thought i'd like 'last friday night' but you probably already know its soooooo sheer and i was quite disappointed so i'm glad i didn't get a big bottle of that and this one i wasnt sure about, i loveeeee it in the bottle but im not so sure on my nails 
here is yesterdays mani which i finally left on
sorry theres soooooooooo many pics but i was trying to capture the purple/pinkiness of the polish, fail : (
this is like a duochrome and has tiny little silver shimmer in it which i loveeee, ok i'll let the pictures do the rest of the talking hehehe

 tried to show you what it looks like in the bottom, it looks amazing in the bottle, but not so on my nails : (
this colour reminds me of something, but i can't think what? maybe an oil spill?? 

 i couldn't find the bottle, (it was late at night and i was supposed to be revising) so i grabbed my sharpie lol

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