Sunday, 1 May 2011

opi not like the movies

ok today i'll keep it short n' sweet, well i'll try lol, no promises 
i got the little mini katy perry set, because i didn't know which colours i would like, i knew i would like teenage dream but i wasnt sure about the others, i thought i wouldnt like 'the one that got away' but actually i really do like it and i thought i'd like 'last friday night' but you probably already know its soooooo sheer and i was quite disappointed so i'm glad i didn't get a big bottle of that and this one i wasnt sure about, i loveeeee it in the bottle but im not so sure on my nails 
here is yesterdays mani which i finally left on
sorry theres soooooooooo many pics but i was trying to capture the purple/pinkiness of the polish, fail : (
this is like a duochrome and has tiny little silver shimmer in it which i loveeee, ok i'll let the pictures do the rest of the talking hehehe

 tried to show you what it looks like in the bottom, it looks amazing in the bottle, but not so on my nails : (
this colour reminds me of something, but i can't think what? maybe an oil spill?? 

 i couldn't find the bottle, (it was late at night and i was supposed to be revising) so i grabbed my sharpie lol

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