Monday, 2 May 2011

add some silver crackle and taa daaaa

good mornin' to all you lovelies out there, how are you today, n' hows ur bank holiday going,
 im trying to enjoy it to the max because *sob* its back to college tomorrow, but the good thing is i only have to go for 2 weeks and then its study leave but then *another sob* its exams !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  aarrrggghhhh 
lol anyway i was aching to change my mani yesterday but i said 'no revise, and also the smell will kill all your brain cells and then you wont be able to understand or remember anything and then you'll fail !!!' lool, i have funny ways to try and stop myself being distracted, 
however today i decided to add a coat of the w7 silver shatter to yesterdays opi, 
here you go
(and i was going to take a pic of the nails without the top coat as it was really dull but i forgot sorry)

sorry for messy application, did it reallly quickly 

the ring finger is my favourite, i liked the way the crackle turned out on that finger the most

you can see from the pictures it's still pretty dull and doesn't shatter enough to show the colour underneath, but the good thing is today you can really see the purple in the  polish lol
overall i'm not sure if i like this or not, its got tiny little silver shimmer like in not like the movies, and i suppose thats the only thing i like about it 
i've seen the silver opi shatter and so i think i might get that one too, not sure yet 
oh you know i wish they had emoticons on this, i use them in everything lol 

anyway take care everyone 


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