Saturday, 29 December 2012


Hi guys, so I kinda left this post till rather late, I managed to compile my list by this time yesterday and when it came to getting the post ready I realised I hadn't blogged about half of these polishes before : O. I know, right ! 
Anyway so today I was determined and I went and got all the polishes and swatched them again, I've left one though and it's currently on my nails, lets see if you can guess which one (I'll reveal the answer later on in this post)
Ok, so before I get into it, I know people will ask why there aren't any indie polishes here and that's because I haven't bought any! Yep that's right I resisted all year and the only one I bought was Sticks n' stones and that I got in a British blog sale! The reason I haven't bought any is because I know when I get one I'll want them all and I simply can't afford them all so I stay away from temptation, simples ! But I do love looking at all the swatches and really admire all Indie creators for there creativity. 

This is a long post so I've inserted a break

Ok so now let's get into the polishes, in no particular order ...

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Friday, 28 December 2012


Hi guys, I was going to do a 2012 favourites post but after compiling my list I've realised I haven't even blogged about half of my favourite polishes *blushing* I am such a bad blogger! 
Anyway when I got Jasper I went to my stash and pulled out what looked like possible dupes and I was pleasantly surprised.
 I've compared Jasper to Models Own Lemon Meringue and Barry M Pale Yellow. 
On my middle finger and pinky we have Jasper, ring finger is Lemon Meringue and the pointer finger is Pale Yellow. All are 3 coats 

As you can see they aren't dupes!

Lemon Meringue is less yellow, lighter and looks a little chalky 

Pale Yellow is a Jelly/Creme and is very shiny and looks squishy, colour wise it's more egg yolk colour compared to the others

So this is a unique colour in stash and I'm rather choosy about my yellow polishes and I'm happy to report I love this one, it's a welcome addition to the stash :)

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Wednesday, 26 December 2012


Hi guys, so anyone braving the sales today? Me, I'm just chilling at home watching too much tv and worrying about the enormous amount of work that awaits me ! 
I have a few mani's to show you but I had to post this first because I was way too excited! So the polish I have to show you today is part of Butter London's Sweetie Shop Collection for Spring 2013. I found this on Ebay for a reasonable price, not sure what it was doing on Ebay but oh well! It actually came before Christmas but I had way too many X mas manis to show you so I couldn't squeeze it in then. 
Ok, so this is a gorgeous creamy pastel yellow creme, below is 3 thin coats (but on a swatch stick it only needed 2 coats) It was a little streaky but the formula was otherwise perfect and it doesn't look chalky which I love ! 

This collection will be released in January 2013, so will you be picking this up ?

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Monday, 24 December 2012


Final Christmas look of 2012 :)

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Sunday, 23 December 2012


Hey y'all, so I hope your all familiar with Bridget Jones Diary, if you aren't go familiarise yourselves now ! Go  ! So today's nails feature not just any reindeer but the reindeer from Mr Darcy's jumper ; D 
Lol, anyway for these nails I applied 2 coats of Color Club Artsy Crafty (which looks a lot bluer than it really is in these photo's, it's a gorgeous hunter green) Then I had to crack out the acrylic paint and nail art brush to paint in the rest. 
Unfortunately the red polish got a bit stringy when I dotted on his nose which did ruin it a bit but oh well ! 

Lol, I love this little dude, do you ?

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Saturday, 22 December 2012


Happy Saturday everyone, thankyou for your lovely comments on my last post. Thankfully my cat is a lot better today so I'm guessing he's got over the worst of it! 
Anyway today's nails I did a while ago, now I really needed glequins for this but they never came in time, (actually they came yesterday) so I just used these random bits of glitter which I found in my nail art supplies. 
So for this I started with 2 coats of China Glaze Liquid Leather (which is awesome, dried really shiny and fast, but it's a 2 coater) then just applied a little bit of topcoat and placed the glitter pieces as you see in the picture. 
It's supposed to be the Christmas lights on a house, I think it works, but yeah leave your thoughts below :)

I know this first picture is dark but the shine of the polish doesn't distract you from the glitter which is why I included it

I wanted to add a chimney but I ran out of room and also kinda forgot! 
Ok, so only 2 more Christmas nails to show you guys now and I'll see you tomorrow :)
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Friday, 21 December 2012


Hi everyone, how are you guys doing? Me, I'm not so good, my cat is ill and quite old as well so I'm not sure he's going to make it; the past few days he has been crying out the saddest meows which break my heart, he won't leave my side and just cries for most of the day, and it really really upsets me so I don't feel much like talking, but I have to get this post up.

These nails are 2 coats of Colour Club Ruby Slippers  and then stamped with the image from the BM-315 plate and topped off with Seche Vite.

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Thursday, 20 December 2012


It's a miserable, rainy day here in England, what's the weather like where you are?
So for today's nails, we have one of my favouritist (I know that's not a real word in the dictionary but it is in my head) nails ever, I think this is perfect for a christmas day mani or new years to when you want something elegant but with a litttle twist ! 
Ok so for this mani I started out with 1 coat of w7 black, while it was wet I placed on dots of China Glaze - Little Drummer Boy, Orly Smolder, Zoya Veruschka, OPI Russian Navy and Essence Choose Me, then I just swirled them around like I showed you in this tutuorial here. Then I added one coat of Sephora by OPI It's Real 18K Gold Topcoat ! 

Aaah, this is a real beauty irl! It's feels so luxurious and expensive lol ! Do you guys love it as much as me ? 

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Wednesday, 19 December 2012


Hi guys, so this mani was inspired by Pretty Digits peeling nails. My intention was to make it look like you were peeling back wrapping paper and there was a colourful present underneath ! 
Just before I show you the pics I have to warn you I did this design with the thick nail polish brush which made it extremely difficult to get perfect lines etc. so this isn't very perfect. 
Ok, so start with I painted the top half of the nail red and then stamped a floral image over it with Zoya Veruschka and then Barry M Gold Foil. Then I painted most of the nail with w7 black, then mixed some black and white on a bit of paper and painted on the grey triangle. I wanted to mattify it all but I didn't have my matte topcoat so I left it ! 

Well, do you think it looks ok? I quite like it :)

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Tuesday, 18 December 2012


Hi everyone, hope your all good :)
The inspiration for today's nails came from the gradient image on the BM-301 plate ! So I painted on 2 coats of Models Own Baby Blues and I used w7 white to stamp on the gradient which looked good but when I painted on the wavy tips to look like snow on the ground the falling snow looked way too subtle in comparison so I stamped over it again, it's  still subtle but I like it :) Oh yeah and then I dotted on 2 dots to make the snowman and done ! 

I'm not sure if it looks like it's snowing but I really like it, hope you guys do too :) 
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Monday, 17 December 2012


Happy Monday guys (if there is such a thing ) 
So this is probably simplest and easiest Christmas manicure I've done this year but it's one of my favourites  Well I say it's easy but for the last 2 fingers the image just would not stamp, I swear I must have tried about 15 times, I got there in the end though! 
So this is 2 coats of Max Factor - Redly Nightshade and then the stripey image from BM-301 plate 

So yeah a very simple. cute mani
 Ok, talk to you tomorrow guys take care 'till then :)

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