Wednesday, 5 December 2012


Hurrah ! The internet is back, but still no laptop, Booo ! Anyways I've been busy and edited soo many photos so I have loads to share with you guys, I've also done some Christmas designs (and some tutorials) which I will share with you guys very soon ! 

Soo here is Fishwife from Butter London, it was a US online exclusive which was released for New York Fashion Week, I picked mine up from ebay !
It's a gorgeous colour, like a muted teal with some grey thrown in too, really unique and it's holographic ! So gorgeous right ?! 

The formula was really good no bald spots, pulling or any other holo characteristics ! It was quite sheer and below is 3 coats, it dried to a nice shine so I didn't try one out, the wear was what's expected from a holo but it wasn't as bad as say the China Glaze holo's !

My skins a funny colour here but it shows off the holo well, (excuse the tip wear)

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  1. I am totally in LOVE with this color! Welcome back :)

    1. It's gorgeous ! YEp it's lovely being plugged back into the worldwideweb ;) hehe

  2. Wow!!!THis nail color is so stunning. I super love the color for it looks so elegant and classy.

    1. I definitely agree with you, thankyou for your lovely comment :)


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