Thursday, 13 December 2012


I got home about 10 mins ago from a work Christmas dinner, and I'm really tired (it's been a long day). 
 I had to post because I have so much to show you before Christmas so I can't miss a day ! 
Anways these nails I did a while ago for a stamping contest, that was when my internet was messing up and after brainstorming and doing the design for 3 hours the internet died and didn't come back on until the next day by which it was too late ! 
Anyway for the background I did a swirly tye die effect with black and blue, then I stamped on the butterfly image from BM-205 plate, but instead of using one solid colour I painted on Barry M Gold foil, a mini metallic pink Revlon and Barry M Silver foil in vertical stripes across the image and then stamped ! The gold kind of missed the nail in some places but hey, I'm still learning ; )

Sorry for the blurry pic but it shows the stamping better 

Then I topped it all off with 1 coat of Essence Waking up in Vegas 

Ok, guys I'm really tired so I'll leave it here and speak to you guys tomorrow : )

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