Sunday, 29 April 2012


So yesterday I inherited an iphone and it was definitely a step up from my old broken phone ! So yesterday I spent the majority of the day playing on it and discovering new things on it, I'm finally on Instagram(I'll let you know my user name soon so you can follow if you want, atm I'm still working it out !) and can now tweet on the go, anyway does anyone have any suggestions for apps I should get?
 Leave a comment with your favourites ! : ) 

Anyway this mani is from the vault again, which is getting bigger and bigger by the day so you'll be seeing a lot of varying nail lengths over the next few posts
Anywho I got this from Karen and only just got round to trying it about a week or 2 ago, normally gold is not for me, but I loved the multicoloured glitter in it which is the same type in Excuse-moi which I <3
I did love this colour though and wore it for about 3 days which no chips or anything ! (that's probably why I can't wait for my china glaze prismatics to get here ; )

The pictures below are 2 coats 

You may notice I'm not holding the bottle in any of these pics, well I don't think I need to explain why, silly shaped bottles ! 

Anywho, do you like this type of glitter ?

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Sunday, 22 April 2012


So If you follow me on twitter your probably saw the amazing nail mail I got from the beautiful Alanna over at Pretty Purple Polish , she had us all drooling with her March haul and I contacted her to see if she could help me get some of my biggest lemmings, and being the sweetheart she is she picked them up for me and even included some gorgeous surprises ! : ) 

Want to see what she got me ? 
(these pictures were all take a while ago when we had some sun, recently the weather has been sooo pants not a hint of sun ! : (

L-R, OPI DS Signature, OPI Absolutely Alice, OPI DS Original : D

L-R, China Glaze DV8, Kaleidoscope him out, He's going in circles, QT, LOL

L-R, Ulta3 cocoa, blue marlin, orchid, Essence Choose me, Galactic black 

Wow, didn't she spoil me ! ; D thankyou soooooooooooo much Alanna :  )

And then a couple of days later I got another parcel from the amazing Natalie from HeartNat, She has helped me get my hands of amazing polishes for a lot cheaper than here in the uk before (check out my last nail mail from Natalie here), and she completely puts up with my fussiness loll, again she is amazing : ) 

Here's what I got 

L-R, Zoya Tru, Bevin, Skylar, Chloe   (I've tried all of these since getting them and I love every single one of  them, amazing spring collection ; ) 

L-R, Sinful colours Cinderella, OPI - I don't give a Rotterdam ( I would have got more from this collection but I had already got their Zoya dupes !)

L-R, China glaze Electric beat, kinetic candy, Aquadelic 

L-R, China Glaze Love Marilyn, Smoke & Ashes, Riveting, Fast Track, Electrify, Harvest Moon !!

So I've been busy wearing all these and I'm just waiting for sun to put on all those holo's ! 
Again thankyou to both Ladies soooo much : ) 

Do you have any of these colours? 
Ok So I'll post some more mani's for you soon , have a lovely week : )

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Friday, 20 April 2012

FISH EGG FRIDAY (a week late !)

So by now I'm sure your all familiar with last weeks Caviar drama, but in case you aren't check out this post at Anna's blog.
I for one was shocked and can safely say I will never give a penny to Ciate ever again, I'm sure most bloggers will agree. But they always say good comes out of bad and through all of this it was lovely to see the blogging community sticking up and supporting one another, I was soo upset I wasn't able to post this last week but I didn't have any beads and they only came yesterday so I whipped this up for you : )

I wanted it to be quite springy so I used china glaze kinetic candy I wanted to go for something a little bit different so I tried a gradient effect, hhm well that didn't go too well loll, anyway have a look for yourselves

Well, this mani tbh lasted the whole of 3 minutes, They were so impractical and they kept falling off and one little bead went up my nose ! LOL !

Anyway I loved seeing everyone's mani's last week if you did one leave a link in the comments : )
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Wednesday, 18 April 2012


Hi Guys, I'm really sorry I haven't had a post for you in a while, but seriously I do not get a chance to edit photos and write a post, there just aren't enough hours in the day (or the night either!) I've been sleeping at 2am every day and getting up at 8, there's just sooo much going on atm. 
But once all my exams are finished that's it I have some really exciting plans which I'll be sharing with you and I will be posting a lot more regularly, so please bear with me for now, I have still been doing my nails so pictures are building up and up loll. 

Anyway on to today's nails I have ds sapphire, I actually had this on about a week ago that's why there's some sun, the weather has been complete pants recently and today it just rained continuously : ( 

I had 2 coats on all fingers, but did a 3rd on the ring finger that's why the colour is more intense and holo, and this is 2nd day of wear 

Ok ladies, take care, talk to you soon : )

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Sunday, 15 April 2012


Hi Guys, sorry I haven't posted recently and this post is so delayed, thankyou to everyone for entering I can't believe how many people entered !
I'd just like to say that I realised the facebook entry didn't work so they don't count but every person who emailed me or commented or tweeted or facebooked me about the problem got an extra entry !
There were soo many wrong entries which took a while to get through

Anyway the winner is

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Thursday, 12 April 2012


Well here's some of the lovely new polishes I got these past 2 weeks, I've felt guilty enough about buying all of these so I'm not going to start going on about how I shouldn't have blaah blah ... 
Anyway I got quite a few and got some of my first polishes from some brands 

My first Butter london's, L-R , Blagger, Hen Party, Lady Muck

My first DL (razzle dazzle from my last haul has gone to live with Alanna so check out her blog for swatches), L-R, Deborah Lippmann - Just walk away Renee, Chanel -Rose Insolent, Revlon - Stormy

L-R (top), Barry M Pale Pink, Neon Pink (given to me by a friend who didn't like it !), Pink Flamingo, (bottom) Red Black, Turquoise, Blue Moon, Berry Ice Cream  

Nails Inc Wellington, Essence It's purplelicious 

Golden rose scale effects 3, 15 (I found these on ebay , I've wanted them for the longest time but they're discontinued so couldn't get them ! )

Zoya renew, speed dry drops 

Well that's all I bought in the last week, I've also got some amazing swap mail and other nail mail which I'll show you in another post : ) 
Do you have any of these polishes?

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Tuesday, 10 April 2012


Yep this is kind of a late easter mani, I should have posted this earlier but ... you know ; )
Anyway here it is,I'm not totally happy with this because I wanted to use a mint green and pale pastel yellow instead of the peachy colour on the pinky but my polishes were locked upstairs in the den and it was cold ! loll Also I wanted to use my trusty Jessica polish in double dipped which is the exact colour for chocolate, anyway I made do with what I had and was a great chance to try out some of my recent untrieds ! : ) (haul + nail mail posts coming v. soon ; )

L-R , Barry m - pale pink, blue lagoon, berry ice cream, Nails Inc - wellington square 

I've been helping a lot more in the garden and stuff so please excuse the terrible condition of my hands and cuticle, my hands get really dry and the skin around my nails, does anyone have any recommendations for a good hand cream or some other remedy?

*EDIT* - Giveaway entries are being verified, there were a lot of false entries, Winner will be announced soon 

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Thursday, 5 April 2012


I'm soo glad you all liked my last mani as much as me : )

Anyway today is the last success of the week, tomorrow is another fail ! loll 
Anywho I recently saw barry m gold and silver foil on sale and even though I wouldn't wear the colours alone on my nails I heard they were really good for stamping so I decided to get them and give them a try and yes I can confirm that they are amazing for stamping ! 


2nd day of wear ! 

The necklace stamp is another of my favourites and I adore it ! : ) Anywho there was something I didn't love about this mani so I took it off the next day 

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Wednesday, 4 April 2012


Well this stamping week certainly has been a long one ! But I've saved the best till last and this stamping even though it's not a lot I think it's lovely 
I loooovvveee bows and have wanted this plate for agess, so I ordered it from born pretty but *sob* the images hadn't been properly engraved and wouldn't stamp properly : ( I was sooo upset but I emailed born pretty and their customer service is sooo good, they were incredibly patient and helpful and sent me a replacement of all 5 plates and I'm pleased to say they are all perfect now : ) I had to add that in here because I  wanted to share my experience, they really impressed me : ) 

Warning : Pic heavy 

Anyway remember the gorgeous Bella I got from Ivana, well I had to try it out and it is such a pretty colour I used 2 thin coats and then using essence got a secret I stamped on the bows on my middle finger and thumb, needless to say I loved it, in fact I had this mani on for 4 days ! 

Then I added a coat of Bella over the other fingers and I loved it even more !  

just managed to catch the tiny bit of sunshine left 

I loved this soooo bad,  I was sad to take it off : (  Oh and that's another thing Edward stains big time, I was very lucky that I had enough base coat on but my fingers went green and other nails got stained eurgh, so just a little warning for you guys 

Well what do you think of this guys? Do you love it as much as I did?

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