Sunday, 22 April 2012


So If you follow me on twitter your probably saw the amazing nail mail I got from the beautiful Alanna over at Pretty Purple Polish , she had us all drooling with her March haul and I contacted her to see if she could help me get some of my biggest lemmings, and being the sweetheart she is she picked them up for me and even included some gorgeous surprises ! : ) 

Want to see what she got me ? 
(these pictures were all take a while ago when we had some sun, recently the weather has been sooo pants not a hint of sun ! : (

L-R, OPI DS Signature, OPI Absolutely Alice, OPI DS Original : D

L-R, China Glaze DV8, Kaleidoscope him out, He's going in circles, QT, LOL

L-R, Ulta3 cocoa, blue marlin, orchid, Essence Choose me, Galactic black 

Wow, didn't she spoil me ! ; D thankyou soooooooooooo much Alanna :  )

And then a couple of days later I got another parcel from the amazing Natalie from HeartNat, She has helped me get my hands of amazing polishes for a lot cheaper than here in the uk before (check out my last nail mail from Natalie here), and she completely puts up with my fussiness loll, again she is amazing : ) 

Here's what I got 

L-R, Zoya Tru, Bevin, Skylar, Chloe   (I've tried all of these since getting them and I love every single one of  them, amazing spring collection ; ) 

L-R, Sinful colours Cinderella, OPI - I don't give a Rotterdam ( I would have got more from this collection but I had already got their Zoya dupes !)

L-R, China glaze Electric beat, kinetic candy, Aquadelic 

L-R, China Glaze Love Marilyn, Smoke & Ashes, Riveting, Fast Track, Electrify, Harvest Moon !!

So I've been busy wearing all these and I'm just waiting for sun to put on all those holo's ! 
Again thankyou to both Ladies soooo much : ) 

Do you have any of these colours? 
Ok So I'll post some more mani's for you soon , have a lovely week : )

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  1. Wooo these are awesome!!! :D

  2. I haven't got any of these but now I want pretty much all of them haha thank god they don't stock any near me or I'd be pure broke :P (but really happy)

    1. loll, they're so worth it though ; )

  3. I am so drooling right now :OP

  4. You're so lucky to have nail polish swappers like that! :)

  5. Awesome packages! Alanna got me some OMG polishes that I'd been lusting after, she's such a sweetheart! :)

  6. yummmmmmmy :) there are some goodies in there!

  7. They are gorgeous especially the ones from Zoya! Love the colours :) Did you send out my prize by any way?


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