Wednesday, 18 April 2012


Hi Guys, I'm really sorry I haven't had a post for you in a while, but seriously I do not get a chance to edit photos and write a post, there just aren't enough hours in the day (or the night either!) I've been sleeping at 2am every day and getting up at 8, there's just sooo much going on atm. 
But once all my exams are finished that's it I have some really exciting plans which I'll be sharing with you and I will be posting a lot more regularly, so please bear with me for now, I have still been doing my nails so pictures are building up and up loll. 

Anyway on to today's nails I have ds sapphire, I actually had this on about a week ago that's why there's some sun, the weather has been complete pants recently and today it just rained continuously : ( 

I had 2 coats on all fingers, but did a 3rd on the ring finger that's why the colour is more intense and holo, and this is 2nd day of wear 

Ok ladies, take care, talk to you soon : )

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  1. Very pretty. I'm glad this only takes two coats to build up. 3 coats wouldn't be to much to ask for this though it's lovely.


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