Monday, 13 February 2012


Not an awful lot to say here but I trimmed all my nails down to nubbins and then this idea hit me and again it didn't work out anywhere as good as i'd hoped ! (notice a pattern here ; P )   

It's supposed to be a man/woman  a person blowing kisses and hearts and stuff, but it didn't turn out right, firstly look at the size of the nose on that !!, So I concluded that this was supposed to inspired by the film Roxanne with Steve Martin, have you seen it?

Anyway's I have one more Valentine's mani to show you and I'll probably show you that tomorrow if I get a chance !
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  1. Beautiful!

    I had a similar look with different colours but never thought to add the kisser too. Inspired x

  2. This is Awesome! Love the blowing kisses!

  3. Thankyou ladies : ) glad you like it


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