Saturday, 1 June 2013


Hi guys, I have something exciting to show you guys today! 
A couple of weeks ago I woke up to find an email from Nails Inc with a one day offer on their Glitter Bomb collection, normally I skip past these emails but that day I decided to have a look and I knew I needed it immediately! Unfortunately it was saying it was out of stock on their website so I tweeted them to ask if they had any more and they did! Within an hour they had come back in stock and I got to order one! 

The set of 4 polishes was £12 (bargain!) Unfortunately these polishes are no longer available on the Nails Inc website but do not worry becuase they are available here on the QVC website for just over £20!

Anywho let's talking about the polishes, when I ordered them I thought they'd be milky bases with glitter in it, how wrong I was ! These are actually really sheer glitter top coats (with the exception of Rosemoor Street) with gorgeous duochrome shimmer and larger bits of glitter! A winning combination in my book!

There's quite a few photos, so click read more to see them and also to read my review :) 

First up we have Rosemoor Street, this is a black jelly/creme polish packed full of different sized holographic golden hex glitters with look amazing! 
The swatch below is only 2 coats and topcoat as it does dry slightly gritty. The formula is ok, the glitter tends to clump a little bit and the black base colour is really weird, it's not a solid colour it looks more like a clear polish with the black pigment suspended in it, but not mixed (if that makes sense?). You can kind of see what I mean in the close up picture but it makes the picture look fuzzy. I'm not sure if this is intentional or just poor quality control!

Next up we have the star of the collection in my opinion. Paulton's Square is a really sheer polish made up of purple/blue duochrome shimmer which is really strong in most lighting! It also contains different sized blue glitter!  I applied 2 coats over Nails Inc Albert Place, one would also have been fine but two just made the duochrome effect more obvious!

Next is Fernshaw Road, in the bottle this showed a fairly strong greem/purple duochrome but unfortunately I couldn't get it to show up on the nail which was a bit of disappointment! I also tried it over black to see if the duochrome would show up but it was kind of a frosty mess!
 This is again a sheer green/purple duochrome shimmer with different sized green hex glitters, this one also had a bit of a frosty finish to it too. I layered two coats over Orly Gumdrop here. 

Finally we come on to Lavender Close. This is the third shimmer in the collection, it' s a pinky purple/gold duochrome shimmer packed with gorgeous purple hex glitter in different sizes. 
I layered this over Illamasaqua Jan, which seemed like the perfect match! This time the duochrome was visible irl but didn't show up on the photo's unfortunately ! This was an unlikely favourite of mine, I wasn't expecting much but it wowed me!

So that's all of them folks, I have to say Nails Inc have impressed me with these, I was not expecting this level of awesomeness and yes I gasped when I pulled these out of the bubble wrap!
My favourite of the collection is Paulton's Square and the biggest let down was unfortunately Fernshaw Road!
I'd definitely recommend these and I'd say be quick because they can be tricky to get hold of, the collection on qvc isn't always in stock and I don't want you guys to be disappointed! 
Have any of you guys bought these already? 
Let me know if you pick these up and what you think of them.

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  1. Fernshaw Road is my favourite. There's just something about that colour with the glitter that gets me. *drool*

  2. wow, Paulton's Square is absolutely stunning! :-)

  3. Lovely swatches! I received my set the other day but still haven't tried them. X

  4. Wow, these look lovely! Wish we could get them here!

  5. i bought them (and have blogged about them too!) the same day you did. i love them! the colours are so gorgeous, and i love the duochromey/shimmeryness too them, something a bit different really! was going to pay qvc price for them so was so pleased when i got the email. love the colour combos you've done in your swatches xx

  6. I not such a glitter fan but Paulton and Lavender have me hooked!

  7. Wow these are gorgeous! x

  8. I got this deal too - fabulous! ;-) <3


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