Sunday, 30 June 2013


Hey guys, sorry this wasn't posted yesterday but honestly this weekend has been crazy! 
Anywho let's get straight into it shall we. 

What you will need

Base Coat
Yellow polish for the minions (I'm using Butter London Jasper)
Black & White acrylic paint/nail polish
Silver nail polish/acrylic paint
Brown nail polish/acrylic paint (not pictured)
Fine nail art brush
Top Coat

STEP 1 - After base coat apply your yellow polish 

STEP 2 - Paint on 2 small black lines at the edge of your nail 

STEP 3 - Using your silver colour paint on a circle between the 2 coat black lines. 

STEP 4 - Paint on 2 very small vertical lines where the silver circle meets the 2 black lines 

STEP 5 - Paint on a semi circle using the white in the centre of the silver circle 

STEP 6 - Using your brown, draw on a smaller semicircle in the centre of the white semi circle you've drawn.

STEP 7 - Draw a small black dot in the brown semi circle 

STEP 8 - Next draw on a thin black line for the mouth or alternatively you can draw on a different smile like I've done  

STEP 9 - Finally top coat the design to seal it all in.  

Okey dokey, that's that then, simple ! Do give it a try and share with me if you do ! 
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  1. Yeah! Thank you for this super cute tutorial ^_^
    Now I need to try it for sure!

  2. Really cute! great step by step instructions :)

  3. Thankyou guys, I hope you try it out :)


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