Sunday, 30 October 2011


I got a little bit of time last night to do another Halloween mani, this one is rather simple but my favourite of all the one's i've done loll 

sorry for the terrible (lack of clean up ) loll 

i've also managed to do my halloween mani for tomorrow and so will post that tomorrow for you when i get time : ) what mani are you planning on wearing tomorrow?

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Saturday, 29 October 2011


Yep, another halloween design, don't know what to call this, i saw this design here and decided to try it 
my nails were abit too short and then the cat's (if you can call them that) didn't turn out quite how i wanted them to 

middle nail looks more like a werewolf loll, and the others ....?  don't ask me loll!

i took these off straight after these pictures ! 

have you been doing loads of halloween designs?  i've got a couple more to show you  : )
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Thursday, 27 October 2011


Yep, damn! it was only after i did these nails i realised it was based on a christmas film but oh well anyway here is the mani i did last night

sorry for the very short post but i have a tonne of work to do and i'm sooo tired too anyway more halloween designs coming up tomorrow !! : ) 
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Tuesday, 25 October 2011


i was sooo excited to receive this polish and so i have a swatch for you 

this was 3 coats, and no topcoat 

sooo many bottle shots , but this is a true beauty which deserves and needs so many pictures, you can see a quite a bit of the green in the flakies in the bottle but it's not quite so clear on the nail but you can slightly see it in some of the pics above
and also let me know if you want to see a comparison between this and merry midnight (as i have it now ; )  i'm sure you'll have seen loads of comparisons already but if you want me to do one please let me know 

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Some Recent Swaps

Yep ladies, i have been busy swapping, these were my first swaps and i really enjoyed both of them, today i have some pictures to show you as i received my last parcel this morning 

First swap was with the awesome Jacki from Adventures in Acetone, this was also her first international swap and it went smoothly : ) 
here's what she sent me : 

L -R: orly - fowl play, zoya yara, ulta pinata yada yada !

my second swap was with Ali from Ali's Nail News, here's what she sent me 

L - R: milani - jewel fx gems, opi- dating a royal , opi merry midnight, china glaze blue sparrow, pure ice frech kiss, pure ice heartbreaker, pure ice free spirit, love my nails mardi gras, love my nails spell bound, love my nails dazzling, mini divas (no name but it's a neon purple), unnamed mini hard candy

love my nails mardi gras, love my nails spellbound, milani gems, love my nails dazzling

china glaze blue sparrow (neon), opi dating a royal, pure ice french kiss, pure ice freespirit

mini divas & love my nails dazzling, unnamed hard candy, opi merry midnight 

pure ice french kiss & 1 coat of pure ice heartbreaker ! 

wow, how amazing are all of these polishes, i love every single one of them and am so grateful to both ladies, so i have some swatches coming up soon, if you have any requests as to what you want to see first, let me know ! 

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Saturday, 22 October 2011


ladies, i'm so sorry my posts are so late, but i'm really trying to concentrate on my work and my nails have been quite short for a while and i don't think designs look quite so good on short nails, hopefully i will have some Halloween nail art for you, please leave suggestions in the comments about what i should do, as i'm feeling a little stuck for ideas, i want to do something original and unique but my minds blank so far loll

anyway on to today nail polish, i had this in my untrieds for such a long time but the other day i was in the mood for dark polishes and thought i'd give it a try and ... i fell in love
this is such a gorgeous polish, why i haven't used it before, i don't know but anyway here are the swatches 

you neeed to enlarge these to see the awesome glitter in it ! 

please excuse the little chip, this was 3rd day of wear  

look at that gorgeous purple, red and blue microglitter, this is honestly a gorgeous polish and i'll be wearing this a lot more now 
do you own this? 
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Wednesday, 19 October 2011


hello ladies, let me start with the later, i'm soo sorry i went mia for the past week, but it has been soo crazy, anyway good thing - my application has been sent off i really hope i get in to dentistry, atm. there is nothing more i want (expect maybe nfu 64, loll : p) but seriously ladies if you could send your best thoughts,  prayers etc. this way, i'd be ever so grateful loll, 

ok, also i just want to say that because of my current daily schedule i reallly haven't had any time to do any nail art so it might be plain swatches for now but i do have some stunning polishes to show you soon (i hope that makes up for it)

right here are the swatches loll 

wow, these piccies don't do justice, this is soo blooming reflective and shiny and gorgeous (rather christmassy too) 
this was a thirsty glitter, when i swatched it on the nail wheel you needed 3 coats of seche vite to smoooth it out and still i wasn't satisfied, i had this really thick clear orly polish which i did one coat of, which dried quick and smoothed it out in just one coat !!!! 
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Tuesday, 11 October 2011


Now that the challenge is over, i've disappeared loll, nah kiddin' im back, i'm sorry for the long pauses, but like i keep saying in every post, ucas and uni application and references and everything !!! crazy and on top of that my teachers are more bothered about making our school in the press and don't really care about us, the deadline for the dentistry applications is friday and my teacher still hasn't done my reference and it's been two weeks, omg, this is sooo stressful, i really really hope it's worth it and i get in *fingers crossed* 

anyway over with my mini rant, i want to show my most recent mani which i loveee, and copied from the lovely Sara (whose mani is uh-mazing and you need to see) 
i started off with 3 coats of nails inc victoria (which happens to be my first and favourite nails inc, application is beautiful, and it's soo shiny !) and then sponged on nubar 2010 ... 
result !!!! 

i thought it might be appropriate to take a pic of my nails infront of the changing leaves on the trees loll

sooo many pictures, i have a tonne more and about 7 videos but they don't accurately show the colour change, imo.
i completely agree with Sara here, it reminds me of the autumn leaves changing colour, this mani constantly flashed orange and yellow and green and copper, oh i love this mani, i didn't want to take it off  : (
ladies, what do you think of this mani, do you like it?
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