Saturday, 22 October 2011


ladies, i'm so sorry my posts are so late, but i'm really trying to concentrate on my work and my nails have been quite short for a while and i don't think designs look quite so good on short nails, hopefully i will have some Halloween nail art for you, please leave suggestions in the comments about what i should do, as i'm feeling a little stuck for ideas, i want to do something original and unique but my minds blank so far loll

anyway on to today nail polish, i had this in my untrieds for such a long time but the other day i was in the mood for dark polishes and thought i'd give it a try and ... i fell in love
this is such a gorgeous polish, why i haven't used it before, i don't know but anyway here are the swatches 

you neeed to enlarge these to see the awesome glitter in it ! 

please excuse the little chip, this was 3rd day of wear  

look at that gorgeous purple, red and blue microglitter, this is honestly a gorgeous polish and i'll be wearing this a lot more now 
do you own this? 
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