Saturday, 8 October 2011


hello ladies, sorry for the late post but you know how busy and hectic things can get! so i'm  not showing you my current mani, this is one from the vault, (when my nail's were a lot shorter)
anyway i lovee this flakie polish, it's truly stunning , lots of pictures so enjoy : )  
i put this over essence back to paradise, a gorgeous dark green (which looks black in some of these pics)
this flashes orange, red, blue, yellow, green, and (some purple) it is truly gorgeous 

i also realised i forgot to take any pictures of this shiny ! loll
i've read reviews of this on MUA. and they don't seem to be very good, main complaint was the flakes stood up and didn't lay flat, but those were from a few years back, this must be new formula and it's perfect ! no complaints! 
since this isn't very common now, i grabbed two bottles whilst i could yep, that means you have a chance to win one in an upcoming (rather late) giveaway loll
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