Tuesday, 11 October 2011


Now that the challenge is over, i've disappeared loll, nah kiddin' im back, i'm sorry for the long pauses, but like i keep saying in every post, ucas and uni application and references and everything !!! crazy and on top of that my teachers are more bothered about making our school in the press and don't really care about us, the deadline for the dentistry applications is friday and my teacher still hasn't done my reference and it's been two weeks, omg, this is sooo stressful, i really really hope it's worth it and i get in *fingers crossed* 

anyway over with my mini rant, i want to show my most recent mani which i loveee, and copied from the lovely Sara (whose mani is uh-mazing and you need to see) 
i started off with 3 coats of nails inc victoria (which happens to be my first and favourite nails inc, application is beautiful, and it's soo shiny !) and then sponged on nubar 2010 ... 
result !!!! 

i thought it might be appropriate to take a pic of my nails infront of the changing leaves on the trees loll

sooo many pictures, i have a tonne more and about 7 videos but they don't accurately show the colour change, imo.
i completely agree with Sara here, it reminds me of the autumn leaves changing colour, this mani constantly flashed orange and yellow and green and copper, oh i love this mani, i didn't want to take it off  : (
ladies, what do you think of this mani, do you like it?
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  1. this is my favourite one yet. it is GORGEOUS! the flakies are so awesome.. and the colour is.. just.. drool lol

  2. The flakies are gorgeous!! And they do look like they're changing colors just like fall leaves!

  3. um no i don't like this. I loooove it. soooo pretty. soo fall! i looove!

  4. Wow, so gorgeous. I need some nubar!!

  5. I love this manicure :-)

    Good luck with your UCAS application!

  6. I absolutely love your mani.

  7. this was a really great idea! it looks so pretty :)

  8. omg why haven't I thought of this before?! I love love love it!!

  9. Hey hey! WOW i'm sooo glad you tried this out because you'v made it look fab! =)))
    Thank you for the link love too! *hugs*

  10. Beautiful, absolutely beautiful!

  11. This is BEAUTIFUL! I'll have to give this a try!


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