Thursday, 30 June 2011


hola ladies, how is everybodyy today ? are you all guud?
ok so this is the first time i'm wearing this nail polish and i must say when i saw the pics of it i thought 'same old same old' but i must say i actually quite like this

noo hold on, i love this !! 

look at that gawguss shimmer and purple duochrome !!!

then i decided to add a matte top coat, i thought it might have the same/similar effect as the opi suede polishes   (hugee lemming lol). i think it has a very subtle effect but it's heading that way i think 

me like : ) 

and then finally i wanted to add a black crackle as thats the way it was kind of intended to be worn, so i added a top coat and then the barry m black crackle 

my favourite is probably matte, what's your favourite? 
toodlesss ladies xxxxx
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Wednesday, 29 June 2011


hi everyone, how are you all
i'm in a good happy mood today,  we had a leaving bbq at school for all of us today (even though i'm not leaving yet *sob* another year to go) and we had such a good time, yes it did decide to rain and be freezing cold, and yes the lads burnt half the food, but we were all together and we had such a laugh, and i know tomorrow when i go into school and they won't be there i'll get really upset, it's funny you never realise how much you'll miss someone until they've gone,  and i'm going to miss everyone soooooooooooooooo much but anyway because i'm in a good mood i've finally plucked up the courage to show you guys this mani, i really didn't want to, it's kind of a fail in my eyes, i had hoped it would turn out a lot better *shrug* but oh well ! i guess its a part of blogging showing your fails as well as your successes
ok shield your eyes now ! 

ok maybe i exaggerate a teeny tiny bit, loll 
. .
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Tuesday, 28 June 2011


so this was actually a week old mani, but i still have to share it with you lol, 
so a couple of weeks ago we were filling out ucas and other uni stuff and so this mani is inspired by the course i want to do, can you guess what i want to apply for? ...

... accountancy ! lol, no i'm kidding dentistry (obviously) ! : D

do you like the tooth brush n manky gums? lol 

yes this is my toothy mani lol, it's not too good if i'm honest, not too pleased with it, those dodgy things on the last two nails are supposed to be fingers lmao !

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Sunday, 26 June 2011


alrighty ladies, final part
will keep it short and sweet, i was experimenting with my new glitter and decided i'd try a couple of frankens
i don't have any names for any these, if you've got any suggestions i'd love to hear them : )

this is one of my favorites :  )

for this next one i was going for a china glaze flying dragon, i don't think it's anywhere near fd lol, *shrug* but oh well i still like it 

i don't know what on earth this was meant to be lol, but it's really gritty and i'm not sure i like it  

wow, this has a little bit of everything in it, not sure if i like it, it looks a bit too bumpy and thick, 

and here are the ingredients for my fav. franken, combines all my favourite things in a nail polish, its green and got some crazy glitter in it and no-one else has this loll, and measurements... i dont know loll

did you know that this green is what you get when you mix black and yellow polka dot bikini ! you learn something new every day !! 

it's one of those ugly shades loll, it reminds of the bottom of a swamp loll, but i still really like this

no topcoat here, but it's surprisingly not too gritty :  )

you can see a fair bit of the glitters sunk to the bottom here !

do you like any of these? do you think i was successful? anyway i think i've had enough of glitter for now loll 
toooodles xx : ) 

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Saturday, 25 June 2011


aloha ladies, here's part 2

its a small haul from lena white, i am telling all you uk ladies there's a big sale on at lena white so head down, let me show you what i got
what can be inside ? ...

yes, its my new beauties : ) the opi glitters from the burlesque collection 

i really feel like i deserved these, i have had noo money for the past month and haven't bought anything recently and i'm also in desperate need of a job, now schools finishing in the next few weeks, i'm off job hunting lol. there were loads of other nail polishes there too but i decided to behave and only buy a few and i've wanted these for ages! they didn't have show it and glow it or sparkle-icious : ( but i'm still soo chuffed with these ! 

i know you will have seen millions of swatches of these ages ago but i need to share my excitement loll, enjoy :  )
L - R extra-va-vaganza, simmer & shimmer, bring on the bling, glow up already

sorry it's only swatched on one finger, i didn't have it in me today to remove all that glitter (this was more than enough hassle lol )

 bottle shot! 

simmer and shimmer, my favourite :  ) *swoon*


 bring on the bling ( i think, i find this one and glow up already too similar) 

and finally, glow up already  

aren't they gorgeous, even my dad approves lollz

oh and another thing i noticed, look at this code thing engraved into the lid, it isn't on any other of my opi'si think they might have done it to stop fakes, i'm not sure, are there any codes on your opi lids?

ok take care my lovelies, (psst, part 3 is more frankens)
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