Wednesday, 22 June 2011


hi everyone sorry i haven't posted for the past few days, life's gettin hectic again : (
anyway i might have told you before that i recently invested in some acrylic paint because nearly every nail design i saw on other blogs and youtube was done with acrylic paint, it was supposed to be easier to use than polish.
so i tried using the paint but every time the design had too many brush strokes in it and it was bumpy and awful, feeling disheartened i emailed the unbelievably talented Leslie from Nail Polish Art Addiction ( if you haven't already seen her blog i am telling you to go and check it out right now, thats an order ! lol, but seriously her designs will blow you away) and she was incredibly helpful and gave me a few tips and i would like to present my first successful design ...

lol, yes i know that the smurf's are a brighter blue but this colour will do for now lol, and there are some brush strokes which look a bit naff,  and yes *sob* the nail broke : ( just before i took any piccies i dropped it and kind of accidentally stood on it :  (

sorry it's on a false nail, my nails are too short, and yes i was going to do other characters too but this took enough time loll 

aah , finally uploaded : ) please let me know what you think

i will upload as soon as blogger starts working
and i just want to say Leslie, if your reading this, thankyouuu soo much : ) Pin It


  1. my pictures aren't uploading as well, pretty annoying blogger!

  2. Your welcome! I think this is absolutely adorable! The best smurf nail (second only to mine, lol)! Your eye for proportion is great and it's so clear! Steady lines, not a lot of hesitation... that's great! I'm so proud knowing that I was hopefully able to help you some. Keep at it and it'll get easier and you get much faster as well. Practice, practice, practice. :) I'll be happy to help you if you have any more questions.


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