Saturday, 18 June 2011


another delayed post for you today, was actually meant to publish this a while ago
anywho, i won't bore you today with my ramblings loll, so i'm just going to get straight into it
now, for my Deborah Lippmann's 'glitter in the air' is the stuff that dreams are made of lol, i can only dream of owning any of lippman's nail polishes (happy birthday *swoon*) 
anyway i'd seen loads of frankens popping up on blogs and when i bought this gawgussss nail polish a couple of weeks back i thought hmm its got pink and blue hexagonal glitter in it ! (it was like a light bulb going off in my head lol) 
ok so it's not really a franken ( i didn't think it would work) i just kind of layered the polishes, ok i've written too much (again) lol, i just thought i'd share with you how i did it, like a tutorial 

*warning -very pic heavy*

step 1

base coat of this pale blue (painted rather roughly lol, but doesn't matter it'll be covered up)

 this is the polish in question (spectacular 'baby blues') its really old and almost finished too, i never wore this colour before and i guess i wasted like the whole bottle and now i've found a use for it, it's nearly finished *sigh* : ( 
step 2 

this is the stunning new polish i got a few weeks ago from ebay , isn't it stunning ! 
if you can see this polish is packed with light pink, light blue and like purple hex shaped glitter oh and tiny little gold glitter particles too 
so carefully applied this polish onto the light blue and didn't apply any of the purple glitter 

i must say this polish has really good coverage and glitter applies itself nicely in one coat ( i will do a post for this nail polish later, as it really deserves one)

step 3 

apply a sheer polish over the top of the glitter 

i saw this idea a couple of weeks ago on a blog, i honestly can't remember who's, sorry, i will find out lol and put it on 

yes, i managed to knock the middle finger and little finger : ( 

 this is the nail polish i used to layer over the glitter, sorry i don't know the name it's worn off, its a lovely semi-sheer kinda pearly white 
just one normal coat over the glitter is enough 

ok ladies, soo wow lots of piccies lol, i think it turned out ok, but please leave a comment and let me know what you think, does it work? 
luv ya xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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  1. Lovely take on this look! I love that you used the the hexagonal glitter :)

  2. Wow! It looks so cool! I'm definitely gonna give it a try some day :-)


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