Monday, 13 June 2011

galaxy nails (sort of )

ok i'll keep it short and sweet 
here is no7 poolside blue, layered with opi last friday night 
when i first tried lfn i honestly didn't think i'd ever use it again but it works really well for layering, i think 
i actually wanted to try this matte and so i wore it for 2 days matte and then i eventually caved in hehe,what can i say, i love shiny nails, lol
oh yeah and sorry for the picz, i got a new light for my light box and its like a yellow light and i took these the night before i took it off, sorry 

 here is its matte,
(but it looks slightly shiny here, i used the 17 matte top coat and its really matte )
(lol, im sorry i didnt clean up this mani and you can tell, sorry, lol i apologize too much hehe)

and here it with topcoat, wow it does look really shiny here lol 

.... and a close up!


wow what do you think? 
oh and another thing i wanted to ask you all, do you think i put too many pics on, i personally like taking loads of pics but i know it can be annoying when there's loads of picz on a post, please leave a comment and let me now 
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