Sunday, 26 June 2011


alrighty ladies, final part
will keep it short and sweet, i was experimenting with my new glitter and decided i'd try a couple of frankens
i don't have any names for any these, if you've got any suggestions i'd love to hear them : )

this is one of my favorites :  )

for this next one i was going for a china glaze flying dragon, i don't think it's anywhere near fd lol, *shrug* but oh well i still like it 

i don't know what on earth this was meant to be lol, but it's really gritty and i'm not sure i like it  

wow, this has a little bit of everything in it, not sure if i like it, it looks a bit too bumpy and thick, 

and here are the ingredients for my fav. franken, combines all my favourite things in a nail polish, its green and got some crazy glitter in it and no-one else has this loll, and measurements... i dont know loll

did you know that this green is what you get when you mix black and yellow polka dot bikini ! you learn something new every day !! 

it's one of those ugly shades loll, it reminds of the bottom of a swamp loll, but i still really like this

no topcoat here, but it's surprisingly not too gritty :  )

you can see a fair bit of the glitters sunk to the bottom here !

do you like any of these? do you think i was successful? anyway i think i've had enough of glitter for now loll 
toooodles xx : ) 

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  1. I'm really liking the yellow franken! I like the purple too - it just needs a good thick layer of topcoat to smooth it all out.


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