Tuesday, 14 June 2011

ooh flicky things

hii all you lovelies out there, how are you all
well this is a mani i did today,  i saw something similar to this on rachel's blog, and decided i really wanted to try it
ok so its virgin vie white as the base and i used my new acrylic paint in black and a long striper brush, i must say i thought it'd be a lot a harder, but i was surprised by how quick and simple it was to do ! lol

* very pic heavy * (sorry)

 and now shiny

i definatley prefer it matte, when its shiny it looks more defined but i think i prefer it matte to keep it really simple lol, i really really like this and will definatley do this again maybe with different colours ?
again i've done this in a bit of a hurry so im sorry it looks a bit rough , but if im honest i didnt think it'd work but it did : ) (i think)
let me know what you think ladies
take care all you lovely senorita's !!! :  ) Pin It


  1. This is so cool! It looks like feathers! I'll be trying this soon!

  2. Gorgeous! This one's going in my inspiration folder.


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