Friday, 17 June 2011

urban decay cult ruffian

this was meant to be yesterdays post, but it was crazy last night, first i had to go and help out at my dad's surgery because there was no nurse and no receptionist and so then as soon i finished there i headed down to my mum's college, she's doing a beauty therapy course and she needs me to be her client 80% of the time so she can torture me ! lol no i'm joking, i went for evening makeup yesterday and it was a real laugh lol and yes she passed lol ! and then i got back about half 9ish and then i had to make something to eat and then it was about half 10 and i completely forgot about this post, i'm sorry anyway enough rambling here you go
(sorry, dont know why or how this stupid highlight has come up)

i used some random boots gold underneath, didn't realise it was quite so faint !
oops i knocked the middle finger and the 'pointy' finger? is that it's called? 

with flash 

can you see the goldiness 
amazing blue, green and gold shimmer 

look at that shimmer !!!

i bought this urban decay a couple of years ago but decided i didn't like it but when i saw it again on chloe's nails i had to dig it out lol, do you like?

this is my second time doing a ruffian and i think it turned out ok, when i first saw the ruffian on lacquerized i didn't really like it once i tried it ... what can i say i'm hooked loll
do you guys like the ruffian mani? 

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