Thursday, 30 June 2011


hola ladies, how is everybodyy today ? are you all guud?
ok so this is the first time i'm wearing this nail polish and i must say when i saw the pics of it i thought 'same old same old' but i must say i actually quite like this

noo hold on, i love this !! 

look at that gawguss shimmer and purple duochrome !!!

then i decided to add a matte top coat, i thought it might have the same/similar effect as the opi suede polishes   (hugee lemming lol). i think it has a very subtle effect but it's heading that way i think 

me like : ) 

and then finally i wanted to add a black crackle as thats the way it was kind of intended to be worn, so i added a top coat and then the barry m black crackle 

my favourite is probably matte, what's your favourite? 
toodlesss ladies xxxxx
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  1. wow love this polish! :) Might have to finally pick it up if I can still find it!


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