Tuesday, 30 September 2014


Hi everyone, so todays post features a polish which left me scratching my head! 
So a while ago I came across the sale section on nailpolish.co.uk where they had some OPI's for £2.99 which I was really excited about, when I then went on to choose which ones I wanted I ended up confused because I hadn't heard of any of these colours before! I then went and did some digging around stumbled across this very useful and informative post here
I initially thought they were fakes but basically they're old shades by OPI which they've just repackaged, and they aren't cropping up in normal stores at normal prices, these are actually just showing up in discount places for a very reduced price! 
These aren't available at nailpolish.co.uk at the moment but I think you can get them from Fragrance Direct,  Amazon or Ebay and T J Maxx in the US and other discount shops! 

Ok, so the polish I have to show you today is OPI Blue Chips which is actually repackaged The Flowers Are Blue-Ming from Ultas 'Too Haute To Handle' limited edition collection from 2012. 
This is a gorgeous blue filled with holographic silver glitter, this is actually textured which probably now wasn't the look they were going for in 2012 but now texture is 'in' this looks rather trendy!
You guys know though I don't like texture so I have to add topcoat and whilst it did smooth out the polish it still looked textured which I wasn't keen on but it's still pretty! 

With top coat

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Sunday, 28 September 2014


Hey guys, I hope you've all had a lovely weekend! 
Tonight I have another pretty polish from Essence to show you. This is A Hint Of Love*, it's a gorgeous pinky red glass fleck polish which just glows! 
I used 2 coats and even though you can see a bit of vnl in the pictures it's not there irl. 

Ok, so that's it for today, I hope you have a lovely Monday and I shall see you in my next post :)

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Saturday, 27 September 2014


Hi guys, Yaay it's Saturday (well nearly Sunday now!) :D 
Today I have some more gradient nails to show you and I absolutely love them! 
For these nails I used Essence Purple Sugar and Break Through to do the gradient, these colours just blended together so flawlessly and just looked so gorgeous together! 
I decided to take it one step further and add some glitter because I you know I always do, teehee! I used the lovely Maybelline Top Splatter (Precious Pearl in the US I believe)

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Wednesday, 24 September 2014


Hi guys, I have a super quick post for you today. 
I decided to use 3 of my Illamasqua polishes for this lovely gradient, I used Nomad, Jo'mina and Noble. On the accent nail I sponged the gradient over the fish scale nail vinyls from She Sells Seashells. 
This was also the point at which I realised I didn't own China Glaze Fairy Dust and I did in fact need it. I ordered it the next day (and still haven't used it, haha!). To make do I used OPI Snowflakes In The Air. 

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Tuesday, 23 September 2014


Hey guys, I'm super tired but I have a day off tomorrow yay! 
Today I have a quick review of the nail art pen* from Essence. I'd been eyeing this up for a while and finally picked it up from at the Blogger event. 
This has a plastic tip and is shaped just like a pen and you have to press it down a few times to get the ink flowing and then your good to go, it's the same type of pen as the Barry M one. 
So, I had issues with the ink flowing, I had to press down loads to get the ink flowing to begin with and then my main issue was that it didn't flow evenly and consistently, it kept stopped and then I had to press it down again several times and then it would just do a huge blob and yeah so it caused quite a few issues. I decided to the triangle design below because it would show you how well it did fine lines and blocks.
I sturuggled using this to be honest, it doesn't look like it did too bad in the pictures but it was frustrating to do and it took a while to get it looking like this. 
I used Essence Love Me Cupcake* as a base colour. 

This is only £1.99 but I wouldn't recommend it (sorry Essence) this is the first Essence product which doesn't live up to the companies high quality reputation and other products. 
The Barry M pen is much easier to use and I'd recommend you go and get one of those if your looking for a new nail art pen. 

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Monday, 22 September 2014


Hey guys, how are you all? How's your day been? I think I'm becoming ill yet again, this is so weird because I'm normally never ill or if I am it's only once a year but this year in the past 3 months this is the 3rd time I'm becoming ill :( 
Anywho I have recently been infatuated with lace nails and since I discovered I can actually paint something on my nails which resembles lace, it's all I've been doing! 
So for these nails I used this gorgeous Essence polish in Candy Love* and then used black acrylic paint to paint on the detail on my ring finger. 

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Sunday, 21 September 2014


Hi everyone, I hope you've all had a lovely weekend! I haven't really done anything, just getting stuff ready and organised for uni, but the weekend has gone way too fast! 
So today I have some gradient effect chevron nails to show you, I love how these look and they are so simple to do as well so I've added a tutorial in this post, if you want to see how I did these just click the 'read more' button below all the pictures :) 

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Friday, 19 September 2014


Hi guys, unfortunately I am having the worst day so I thought I'd show you guys some pretty nail polishes from The Body Shops new nail polish line which is available now! 
I received the shades The Body Shop Green*, Rosy Cheeks* and Hemp Over Heels*
The formulas of all the polishes were perfect, they applied so smoothly and perfectly and you only needed 2 coats for full coverage. They were also very shiny and I didn't use top coat in these swatches and to be honest you don't really need it! 
I've already showed you The Body Shop Green here

Here is Hemp Over Heels

Next up is Rosy Cheeks which isn't quite as pink in real life. 

Finally we have the iconic Body Shop colour, appropriately names as The Body Shop Green.

These polishes are available now in store and online here and they're only £5 and they're definitely worth every penny!

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Thursday, 18 September 2014


Hey guys, today I have a nice easy gradient to share with you guys. This colour gradient has been on my to do list for ages and when I had the Essence colours lined up on my desk it was the perfect opportunity. 
I used, from the cuticle upwards, Essence Wanna Be My Sunshine, Flashy Pumpkin, Redvolution and Femme Fatale.  I then topped it all off with one coat of Dance Legend Argus, I wiped most of it off the brush because it's quite dense. 

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