Tuesday, 30 September 2014


Hi everyone, so todays post features a polish which left me scratching my head! 
So a while ago I came across the sale section on nailpolish.co.uk where they had some OPI's for £2.99 which I was really excited about, when I then went on to choose which ones I wanted I ended up confused because I hadn't heard of any of these colours before! I then went and did some digging around stumbled across this very useful and informative post here
I initially thought they were fakes but basically they're old shades by OPI which they've just repackaged, and they aren't cropping up in normal stores at normal prices, these are actually just showing up in discount places for a very reduced price! 
These aren't available at nailpolish.co.uk at the moment but I think you can get them from Fragrance Direct,  Amazon or Ebay and T J Maxx in the US and other discount shops! 

Ok, so the polish I have to show you today is OPI Blue Chips which is actually repackaged The Flowers Are Blue-Ming from Ultas 'Too Haute To Handle' limited edition collection from 2012. 
This is a gorgeous blue filled with holographic silver glitter, this is actually textured which probably now wasn't the look they were going for in 2012 but now texture is 'in' this looks rather trendy!
You guys know though I don't like texture so I have to add topcoat and whilst it did smooth out the polish it still looked textured which I wasn't keen on but it's still pretty! 

With top coat

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