Friday, 17 February 2012


*sigh* it sucks being sooo skint ! 
Anyway, I'm sure you all saw this layering combo by Scrangie, well it was gorgeous right.

Anyway I really wanted tart with a heart but after my recent cash flow crisis I wasn't able to but the other day whilst attempting to organise my stash I came across this really old thick polish  
It looks all yucky in the bottle now but irl, it's a real pretty colour with loads of holographic sparkles and I thought it reminded me slightly of tart with a heart, so since I was already wearing my black knight franken I thought why not and slapped it on

 well I was kind of blown away, no it doesn't look like Scrangie's layering but it still looked pretty amazing ! 

The base colour wasn't black anymore it was more a duochromy plummy now and it has a tonne of sparkles in it which shine like crazy ! it doesn't look as awesome in the photos as what it does irl though ! 

holographic sparkles !!! 

here I tried to capture the colour shift 

So, what do you think? unfortunately this polish is a really old one from superdrug, some of you British ladies might recognise the old long rectangular bottles, so I'm sorry if you want this polish now, but I guess the morale of this story is erm... never underestimate old manky polishes because they may just surprise you ; )

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  1. I think it came out nicely (: And those holo glitters?! Ahhhh <3

  2. the only color that I don't like is black. but in this combination it looks great. gotta try something similar :)


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