Saturday, 25 February 2012


WELCOME to all my new followers I hope you stick around and enjoy my blog : )

Sorry my posts have been a bit irregular recently, but my cat is ill and so we've been busy with him, this 1st bit is all cat related so skip ahead if you don't want to read it .

This is our cat, Skippy, he really is the best cat, he has never scratched or bitten any of us and he even cleans his paws on the mat before coming into the house ! Anyway a couple of weeks ago he went missing and no one had seen him, (we've had him for about 6 yrs and he's never disappeared for more than 3 days ) after about a week and a half we were getting really worried, but then one day when I entered the drive I saw him there coming towards me lookin surprisingly skinny but I was so happy to see him I didn't pay much attention, then he came into the house and it was only then when I was stroking him I noticed his tail, it was swollen and brushing the floor, he couldn't lift his tail and just sat in one room, so the day after we took him to the vets and it turned out he'd been hit by a car and just left there, so he wasn't able to come back home, and as a result he'd lost all sensation in his tail and they were going to have to cut it, they had him under observation in the hope he would recover but no he didn't so they had to shave half his fur and cut off most of his tail.
He's still at the vets having injections and medicine and hopefully his fur should grow back quickly but it's soo sad, I know these things happen all the time but this cat is another member of our family, he was always there when we went through some really hard times, and even when we had to leave him for a few days and couldn't feed him when we came back he was always there even when we couldn't be for him, so the thought that anything could happen to him really upset me but like my mum said I should be grateful he wasn't hit anywhere else and he's still with us !

Anyway now I've got that off my chest let's talk nails, there's nothing like nail mail to cheer you up, especially when it's super super early and your not expecting it !

Anyway, I've really been dying to get my hands on some essence polishes, It's soo ridiculous they aren't available in the uk : (  Anyway I knew Ivana wanted a china glaze polish I could get for her and we agreed to swap, and I think this was back in November? loll A long time ago but we both had delays but anyway we finally managed to get our parcels out and I got mine yesterday and I wasn't expecting it until Friday !

Anyway here's what she sent me  ! : )

Essence colour and go - got a secret, blue addicted, lime up 

Essence nail art twins - chuck, bella, edward

look at the gorgeous sparkles in edward ! *drool*

essence nail art magnetics, vampires love- the dawn is broken, waking up in vegas topcoat 

essence - high waist pink, piggy polish - confetti ! 

Oh and I also got an essence gel liner in black, I've tried it and it is amazing !!! : ) 
I've already worn 3 of these colours as full mani's so will have those pictures up for you soon and in the meantime if you want to see any polish in particular leave a comment : ) 


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  1. I really sorry about your cat, and I hope he keep better soon!
    All the polish are very pretty!

  2. Aww I'm so sorry to hear about your kitty, hopefully he'll be back with you and your family soon. x
    Love the polishes and looking forward to the swatches.

  3. poor little Skippy, hope he'll be ok soon. I also have a cat and a dog and we all love them so much, they're like our children :)
    and polishes are great, I have waking up in vegas and love it!

  4. I hope Skippy gets well soon! I also hope he doesnt wander off your house again, cats were meant to live outside, yes, BEFORE concrete, cars, and pollution. Luckily this was a wake up call, your cat is a warrior, cherish that baby! I wish you and Skippy the best! <3

    1. Thankyou ladies soo much, it really means a lot , I'll keep you updated

  5. i really hope your cat gets better mines 19 and hes always ill i know its a worry (love your blog)


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